Monday, June 8, 2009

“Rolling the dice” gives new meaning to the term CRAPs party of Canada

Stephen Harper’s CRAP party of Canada is the amalgamation of the Conservative, Reform, Alliance Parties, or CRAP for short.

How appropriate then that the CRAP party has Cabinet Ministers who are more suited as croupiers at the Craps table in Las Vegas that they are as Miniters of the Crown, given their penchant at “rolling the dice”, when it comes to the health of Canadians, arising from either isotope shortages used for cancer diagnosis or the firing of Canada’s Nuclear Safety Head, Linda Keen, by Stephen Harper himself.

Along with the equally damning admissions of Cabinet Minister Gerry Ritz about the “humour” of the Listeriosis crisis, these people are obviously ill-suited to hold public office or to command the public’s trust on matters of public safety......or any matter for that matter.

They are very good however at raiding seniors nest eggs to the tune of $35 billion, and getting Canada's utterly lame media to repeat their manufactured claims and lies about tax leakage.

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