Friday, June 12, 2009

NDP use their Opposition Day to advance the issue of pensions

Dr. Mike Popovich commented on the CAITI blog the following:

Yesterday in the HoC I watched the debate on pension reform that was a move by the New Democrats to ensure a stable income for retirees that would enable them to have some quality of life in their remaining years.

The NDP do realize that CPP , if you qualify , Old Age Security & Supplements are not enough.

Bravo for them.

Just one more thing they need to do & that is revisit the Income trust matter.

This made in Canada product was in fact giving many seniors the quality of life that this party espouses to & it was heartlessly snatched-away because of a lack of knowledge & a rush to judgement.

Will the NDP be brave enough to take another look & do what is right??

Will it be the NDP who will leave the Liberals with egg on their face.

Just maybe & if they do , then good for them.

Dr Mike Popovich


Kephalos said...

When it comes to pensions and retirement savings, the NDP has dirty hands. Judy Wasylycia-Leis of Winnipeg played a key role in the fraudulent RCMP sting on Goodale. And she sat on the Finance Committee in defense of Flaherty's patent lies (recently confirmed again as lies in a report by an independent academic). She has taken no responsibility for helping destroy $35 billion of retirement savings.

Now the NDP care about pensions? Praise the Lord and dig your foxhole as quick as you can.

Bruce Benson said...

The NDP have absolutely no intention of changing their position on Income Trusts. There is a saying "Ignorance can be fixed but stupidity is forever". The NDP plainly fall in the latter category.

Please see my comments regarding the NDP under Brent's heading "Tax breaks key to Canadian retirement plans:poll".