Friday, July 3, 2009

Bashful Dalton, neglects to mention the $2 billion annual windfall that HST represents for corporations?

Dear Misinformed Voter:

Thanks for writing to me about the proposed single sales tax. Your views are important and they matter to me. And I appreciate your taking the time to express them.

If you're looking for detailed information about the tax changes, you= can find it at .

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you why our government is making these important changes. It's all about building a stronger economy for Ontario.

Merging the GST and the PST on July 1, 2010, is the single most important step we can take to make Ontario more attractive to businesses. As already proven in the Atlantic provinces, a single sales tax will mean more business investment in Ontario and, ultimately, more jobs for Ontarians.

By merging two taxes with different rules into one sales tax with one set of rules, we're reducing red tape -- and creating new incentives for Ontario businesses to grow and for new businesses to locate here.

I know this change will not be easy. That's why we're doing our part to make the transition as smooth as possible for families across the province.

Our full package of tax changes includes personal income tax cuts and small business tax cuts. In fact, 93 per cent of all Ontario taxpayers will benefit from a personal income tax cut next year.

Our tax changes will leave our government with $2.3 billion less revenue over the next four years. While that shortfall will create its own set of challenges, we feel strongly that it's a price worth paying if we truly want Ontario to prosper.

I know many Ontarians are feeling the effects of the current global economic recession. But I am confident that, if we work together, and are prepared to make changes now to help our economy, Ontario will emerge an even stronger, more prosperous and more beautiful place for our children and grandchildren.

Thanks again for contacting me.

Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario


Anonymous said...

hey a longtime Liberal I think Dalton is MAY help business but are we not doing everything we can to get the consumer to buy things....HST will discourage buyers & why would you apply a goods tax to services....why should we pay a sales tax on advice or other services.....if they intend to merge them then they should drop the tax from 13% to 8.6% because surely that would reflect what we spend on services......or compromise & make it 9%......if not there will be more & more barter & 'cash' transactions where the more you can save the more worthwhile it is to bend the rules just a little bit.....& the HST is surely a big vote getter......John Tory is saying 'geez I should have hung in there' just makes the little guy pay more......I guess some guys still have not learned not to drink their own bath water..........salut


Anonymous said...

Brent, McGuinty is lieing through his (written) teeth! The HST is nowhere near revenue-neutral to Ontaxio or, they wouldn't have gone along with it! This one-time tax rebate they will give us only to soften the long-term pain that consumers will feel and PAY. Don't you find the timing of the rebates (coming as they will, just prior to the next provincial election) to be more than a little suspicious!! These tax and spend bastards blew through EVERY DIME of the $30 billion windfall they enjoyed (over the past 5 years) and NOW we are facing a provincial deficit (of some $18 billion!!!) that would make even Bob Rae blush!!! The very first thing they did after coming to office in their first term was to RAISE taxes (via the Healthcare levy) which instantly broke the ONLY major promise they made during that campaign. And now, they have the unmitigated gall to tell us that they are lowering our taxes as the new HST kicks in, in 2010!!! Bullshit!!!It's scandalous! Hugh

Anonymous said...

Dear Dumbass Dalton,
Thank you for making cross boarder shopping more attractive. If you want to know more of why I will be spending my money in the United States you do not have to go anywhere it is because I am avoiding your stupid misrepresented tax grab. Yes, you are correct I will pay the same here or at the border but now my choices in the states have increased not only for goods but for services as well. Time to price a hair cut it the states while I am spending the rest of my money there.

Go F*%k yourself,

An Ontario Resident

Anonymous said...

I like that "Dear Misinformed Voter".

How about about "Dear Moron". I know you wl keep voting for me even though I'm screwing you to death.

This consuption tax, like all consumption taxes are job killers feeding the under ground economy. It does not discriminate in unfairness It unfairly taxes children, workers and essential services.

Great work Dalton. no worries though. Just like the income trust debacle the media will support it (bought off by big business), the acedecs will love it (ala Jack Mintz) and the sheeple will continue to vote for you (like those who continue to support the CONservatives.


Dr Mike said...

Any time that the gov`t offers to give you a $1000 look out.

Like returning to you your own money will gloss this baby into something more than a shift in tax from big business to the little guy on the street.

Screwed again.

That`s what you get when Pirate Jim & Uncle Dalton put their heads together to help us all.

Kind of reminds me of the Tax fairness plan in all of it`s glory.

Dr Mike Popovich