Monday, July 13, 2009

How the insurance industry guides government policy by fear mongering

Where did all the fear mongering on income trusts come from, if not the insurance industry and the good folks at Manulife and Power Financial, whose sales of inferior investment products suffered in the presence of income trusts, and who the insurance industry turned to the Stephen Harper government to eliminate........whereby Harper used the falsehood known as tax leakage.

Bottom line: Competition was stifled, investment choices were eliminated and billions were lost by millions to enrich the few who basically own Canadian politicians.

Here we learn from Bull Moyers of PBS how the US insurance industry had a campaign to discredit the concept of public health care in order to maintain their monopoly on health care:

Watch Bill Moyers here


Dr Mike said...

Insurance Companies have gullible politicians in their back pocket since these Ins Co`s have the ability to get them elected--you do me a solid & I will do it right back at you.

Conning the public is the easy part.

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Dr. Mike:

This is why there were Investor Group (owned by Power) representatives campaigning door to door for Flaherty (and against me) in the last election, handing out government brochures on the TFSP and telling them what a swell guy that Flaherty is.

The fact that they were from outside the riding and campaigning during office hours is what makes the thing a little unseemly.

Apparently Flaherty gets lots of campaign volunteers from outside the riding who are dispatched/instructed to "help" him.

I only have proof of the Investor Group representative, as the members of Flaherty's sign crew are not in the habit of handing out business cards and nor do they go knocking door to door.

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

Now that is the problem Brent as the old saying "you scratch my back , I will scratch yours" comes to the front.

How do we fight this kind of CRAP??

Will the next boatload of politicians be any better no matter Con or Lib??

If we cannot say for sure that the answer will be yes , then it is "Sham-ocracy" & people on the street do not have a hope in hell of improving themselves.

Of course maybe I am just bitter because the gov`t & Jim Flaherty outright screwed investors with the trust tax , but then again maybe not.

Dr Mike

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