Friday, July 3, 2009

Does Peter Van Loan have formal signing authority, or is this another CON job?

Here we see a picture of Peter Van Loan delivering an over sized cheque in the amount of $931,448 made out to the Town of Innisfil. that bears his signature.

That bears his signature? The Minister of Public Safety is now doubling a Paymaster General?

This can only mean one of two things. Either these stimulus monies are coming from the personal bank account of Peter Van Loan and other such Conservatives, in which case Canadians will be most pleased to know that there will be no massive deficits under the Conservative government as was promised by Stephen Harper in the 2008 election, or more likely this money is coming from taxpayers, in which case what the hell is Peter Van Loan's name doing on this cheque?

Does Peter Van Loan actually have formal authority to sign cheques on behalf of the Canadian government in the amount of $931,448, or is this a phony cheque and simply an exercise in self promotional fraud on the part of Peter Van Loan?

Wasn't this the same Peter Van Loan, whose perverse idea of democratic reform was to give voters in the West a disproportionate number of seats in the House of Commons, such that voters in ONtario would be deprived of 17 seats in the House? In opposing that measure, Dalton McGuinty was awarded the epithet of "Small man of Confederation" by none other than Peter Van Loan. Having been unsuccessful in perpertrating that fraud on the voters of Ontario, he is now resorting to handing out cheques from the taxpayers of Canada to the Town of Inisfill that bear his signature?

What a clown and a blatant opportunist this Peter Van Loan has become, as he esploits the economic downturn for his own political advantage and falsely associates himself with these taxpayer monies. Talk about the Small Man of Confederation.


Mark said...

These kinds of "big" cheques, (and it's the same with the "big" cheques that lotteries use for photo ops,) aren't real cheques. You can't take it to the bank and cash it. They're just photo props. If you look closely, you'll see that there is no banking information.

For these kinds of large transfers, I'd assume that the actual payment is done by bank transfer.

Dr Mike said...

It`s seems that the taxpayers money has become the personal possession of the New Conservative Party of Canada.

I don`t even remember them asking if it was ok.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

thats a ceremonial cheque, you dolt.

Dr Mike said...

Of course the cheque is ceremonial ---anybody with half a wit knows that.

It is the optics that this represents.

This is our money & it should be signed by our representative & not the MP.

I don`t care which party this is , it is our cash.


Dr Mike

PS---a "dolt" , now that wasn`t very nice---my feelings are hurt.

Anonymous said...

yeah but this is the most petty possible thing to be upset about. where is this picture going to appear, the newspaper, the tv? all of which will have PVL's name written below or flashing overtop of it, whether or not the cheque is signed by him.

i'd rather have a ceremonial cheque signed by a conservative minister being used for something decent than an untraceable bag o cash being delivered by a liberal minister to an ad agency in quebec. but thats just me.

i read this blog because it makes decent points, but in this case you're way off.

Anonymous said...

Petty, eh! I don't believe it is. Ever heard of SYMBOLISM!

To pick and choose which ridings get a slice of TAX PAYER MONEY injected into them BY ALL TAXPAYERS, and then flagrantly advertise "The Party" at the same time, has bribery/vote buying written all over it, in my opinion.

Is the health or sickness of the Canadian economy only based upon partisan lines?

Disgusting! The NEW Conservative Minority Government of Kanada continues to mock and rub salt into the wounds of Canada's democratic foundation.