Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another good reason why oil should be transported by rail rather than pipeline

Enbridge is arguing that Canada's pipelines are running at capacity.

In that case, Enbridge's argument has backfired, since rather than building more contentious pipelines, we should take seriously the option of transporting Canada's energy resources using existing rail infrastructure as argued in this Huffington Post article from yesterday.


The Rat said...

Derailment. Look it up.

Brent Fullard said...

Enbridge: A decade of oil pipeline spills. Look it up:

Oil quizz for dummies: Do oil tankers keep pumping after they've derailed in the same way that pipelines do after they've sprung a leak?

Dr Mike said...

Hey Enbridge , as Dr Sheldon Cooper would say 'Bzzzzingaaaaa"

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

The Rat

You obviously know little about railways and their ability to move heavy oil safer and cheaper that pipelines.

In a free market system why is the Government support one industry (pipeliens) over another (railways)?

Also, the governments have pissed away billions of dollars in lost royalties and other taxes by not getting on with it and supporting the rail option to diversify markets.