Thursday, November 22, 2012

Case closed: No Nexen for you

In today's Globe and Mail,  Preston Manning makes the case that Principles, not mere pragmatism, should drive the Nexen decision 

That said,  how about this for a principle to apply to the Chinese state takeover of Nexen?

Who on the UN Security Council in July of this year supported the on-going slaughter of innocent civilians by Syria's Assad regime? Answer China and Russia.

Case closed. No Nexen for you.


Dr Mike said...

If Nexen had been allowed to turn to the income trust structure , this would now be moot.

A Canadian company with cheap capital to invest = cash in investor`s pockets = success all around.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Lets CNOOC this Nexen deal for good with a Shout Out !
SHUT UP CNOOC it's over !!

Dr Mike your bang on !!


Bruce Benson said...

Brent I never thought of it this way, I forgot about China and the Russian UN votes in support of the Assad butchers. NO to CNOOC.