Thursday, November 22, 2012

Much deserved!

2012 Parliamentarian of the Year

First Runner-up: Hon. Bob Rae, Toronto Centre
Second Runner-up: Rodger Cuzner, Cape Breton—Canso


Brent Fullard said...

Imagine a Parliament made up of 308 people of Elizabeth May's calibre? That would mean no room for the likes of the 307 other jokers who presently occupy these seats.

Dr Mike said...

Well done Elizabeth......

Now if we could just clone you 307 times , Canada would be a much better place.

Dr Mike Popovich

Joey Italo Cardamone said...

Congrats Elizabeth,... your work is just proof electing the right MP goes a long way for democracy !!

Are you listening Justin !!


Bruce Benson said...

Don't worry, Justin's CCCE handlers have it all under control.