Thursday, November 15, 2012

No surprise: Only the Canadian media ranks lower than Harper in trust, according to Environics

The following excerpt is taken from the Executive Summary of Environic's Americas Barometer published today, a survey of citizens' views on democracy and governance across the Americas:

Canadians are most likely to say they have a lot of trust in the country’s Armed Forces (53%) and RCMP (36%), and to a lesser extent the Supreme Court (34%) and justice system (26%) (with no more than one in six having little or no trust in any of these). These ratings of the RCMP, Supreme Court and justice system are among the most positive in the hemisphere.

In contrast, no more than one in six place a lot of trust in the country’s Parliament (17%) or Prime Minister (16%), and even fewer give a strong vote of confidence to political parties (10%) or the mass media (6%). For the latter two institutions, Canadians’ trust levels are among the lowest in the hemisphere, although higher than those given by Americans.

Opinions in Canada are unchanged since 2010, but trust in Parliament has declined noticeably since 2006. Public skepticism is fuelled in part by a growing belief that those governing the country are not interested in what citizens like themselves think.


Dr Mike said...

Wow , I wonder if these people are embarrassed at all by this survey??

I know I would be if it was me.

The big question for them should be why.

Look in the mirror boys as the answer will be staring right back at you.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

Hmmm, I wonder how this could be that the media ranks so low in the trust department? Let's see, Harper is a chronic liar and the Canadian Media are his enablers.