Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can you spot the bimbo in this picture?

One hint: Stephen Harper (aka The "Leader", aka the Prime Minister) couldn't (spot the bimbo in this picture).

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Anonymous said...

This letter to the editor of the Globe sums it up nicely I think:

May 28, 2008
Toronto -- Which is the most damning indictment of Maxime Bernier's competence as foreign affairs minister - and Stephen Harper's competence in choosing his cabinet? The fact Mr. Bernier took classified documents to the apartment of a girlfriend who once had ties with biker gangs? The fact he left them there? Or the fact that, until she returned them a month later, he hadn't noticed they were missing?

Anonymous said...

Further to the question posed by Stuart Rogers above:

The answer is (e), that Bernier publicly called for the dismissal of the Governor of Kandahar, thereby making it politically impossible to occur.

Much like the income trust tax. Achoeving the very opposite of your stated goal. Non existant tax leakage under income trusts became real tax leakage under foreign private equity takeover and leveraged buyouts of devalued income trusts.

BCE is a perfect example of this utter stupidity. BCE alone will cost Ottawa up to $1 billion in ANNUAL foregone taxes, relative to had it been allowed to become an imncome trust, as it had announced, just prior to Halloween 2006

WesternGrit said...

You mean "Mimbo", don't you? LOL...

Dr Mike said...

Just watching Flaherty on CPAC flinging dung like he had a herd of bulls in his basement.

This guy is a joke but nobody`s laughing.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Can I spot the bimbo? Yes, he is wearing a tie... as for the cute babe, yum....