Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who needs access to information anyway?

After all, Canada’s existing Access to Information regime only netted us 18 pages of blacked out information on the government’s unproven assertion that income trusts cause tax leakage.

When the government demanded those 18 pages be returned, the press weren't even aroused from their complacent slumber, apart from notable exceptions. The press prefers to believe in the phantasmagorical concept called tax leakage any way, all known facts and empirical evidence to the contrary.

For example the Deloitte study of December 2007 entitled: “Income trust buyouts: Lots of activity, little tax revenue”.

In the absence of access to information, fraud is seldom uncovered. Just ask Jim Flaherty. Not being caught is the objective, after all. Just ask Steve. The man of a thousand promises. None of them kept.

Remember that quaint Conservative election promise about a more open and transparent government? That was so 2006. Welcome to 2008 and Steve's world:

Tories kill access to information database
Last Updated: Friday, May 2, 2008 | 9:19 PM ET
CBC News


Anonymous said...

they quashed the freedom to information data base.. all I can say is WTF!!!!!!

penlan said...

This govt. gets more outrageous by the minute. When are the Libs going to move on these liars, crooks, & thieves & oust them? Enough already!

Dr Mike said...

Now everyone knows why I am a former Conservative after 37 years--these guys are a joke.

Not just a regular joke but a dangerous one.

They are implementing their religious right wing agenda & leaving the citizens in the dark with the situation continuing to get darker & darker as the access to the gov`t gets less & less.

Just try to get ahold of your local Cons MP to talk about income trusts & most other contentious matters---it is like they have all been removed from the face of the earth with no prospects of return.

It is indeed a sad day for all Old time PCs.

These guys are a sham & you can thank Peter McKay for that one.

Go Elizabeth May.

Dr Mike Popovich

Robbed said...

I congratulate all those who have torn up their CONS membership card.
This government isn't a true conservative one; these guys are a bunch of right-winged two-bit sheisters who could have been candidates for Hitler's Youth.

Robert Gibbs said...

Justice For Income Trust Investors!!!

Posted by Garth Turner on 05.03.08 @ 9:13 pm:

"Dion stands for ... justice for income trust investors..."
"Dion stands for ... justice for income trust investors..."
"Dion stands for ... justice for income trust investors..."

Halleluiah. Music to the hears of trust investors, seniors and retirees throughout the land!!!

Stephane Dion, Garth Turner and The Liberals stand for truth, justice, thoughtfulness, compassion, honesty, integrity and accountability.

Words and concepts completely foreign to and discarded by Harper, Flaherty and their treacherous and treasonous CON ilk.

Vote for the Bright.
Not the Conservative Blight.