Friday, May 9, 2008

Harper's own biker chick

These CONs are real Hell’s Angels. They travel in packs. It gives them a sense of power. They steal from unsuspecting seniors. And then they blame the victims. Hopefully they won’t show up in your town. They're also control freaks:

Bernier’s ex-girlfriend ‘wanted to control things’

Fri. May 9 - 11:36 AM

OTTAWA — The cabinet minister’s girlfriend always stood out in the genteel diplomatic crowd that inhabits the foreign affairs building.

Whether smoking cigarettes in an ambassador’s limousine or striding into meetings snapping bubble gum and clad in leather boots and tight jeans, Julie Couillard raised eyebrows.

But government insiders say they were most surprised by the influence she seemed to have on Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier.

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Robert Gibbs said...

Opposition Calls For Security Probe Of Conservative Bernier Over His Ex-Girlfriend's Ties To Organized Crime Through Biker Gangs

Security checks on ministers' associates necessary, veteran CSIS agent warns

May 09, 2008 05:19 PM (EDIT)

OTTAWA – The link between Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier's now ex-girlfriend and the Hells Angels is more than enough to warrant a national security probe, says the opposition, noting that organized crime gangs use "infiltration tactics."

The Conservative government continues to inexplicably dismiss security concerns over Bernier's relationship with Julie Couillard.

But even the RCMP has warned about criminal infiltration of politics. As long as eight years ago, then-RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli shocked MPs by publicly stating that organized crime was targeting Parliament and other national institutions.

A former CSIS agent whose investigative work has even been referenced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper backed up the opposition position Friday.

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former Mountie who spent 21 years with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said Couillard's past biker associations demand the attention of security officials.

Bernier's year-long relationship with Couillard apparently ended recently.

Couillard's close association to two former bikers – one of whom was slain in a gangland killing – is prompting opposition MPs to ask whether she's been vetted by security.

"Is this something that right now could generate a probe? If you want to be on the safe side, it should generate a probe," Juneau-Katsuya told The Canadian Press.

"If you don't want to be on the safe side, and try to kill this as soon as possible because it embarrasses you in the press [as the Conservative's are doing], you're unlikely to call for a probe."

Juneau-Katsuya retired as senior CSIS intelligence officer in 2000 and now runs his own security firm.

"People have been caught acting on behalf of organized crime, infiltrating various levels of government with the intention to act and behave for the organized crime," he said, without providing details.

"Because we have this track record, because we know it did happen in the past, that's why it needs to be looked at."

The RCMP, asked Friday about the ongoing threat, released a carefully worded statement:

"Organized crime can reach into every area of our lives with vast resources at its disposal and its ability to penetrate legitimate social and economic structures," said Chief Supt. Mike Cabana.

"Organized crime has the potential to wreak enormous damage upon the fabric of Canadian life."

The force continues to make tackling organized crime a priority, he said.

The Conservative government has simply stuck to its party line and inextricably suggested that spouses and families of cabinet ministers are not part of the security check process.

But Juneau-Katsuya says it is standard procedure.

"Anybody who takes office comes with a package deal. It's unavoidable," he said.

Was the Conservative minister truthful about her name and past?

If Bernier was forthright with Couillard's name at the time of his swearing-in as foreign minister last August, said the former CSIS investigator, her past would have quickly been red flagged and she would have been interviewed.

"There's a respectful probability that somehow, there might be something there. We don't assume. We go and check," he said.

Security officials might even ask for a polygraph, he said.

"We're asking a higher standard of disclosure for normal employees within the federal government. Why shouldn't we ask our elected officials – particularly when they hold (ministerial) office – to do so?"

Robert Gibbs said...


And of course Harper, Flaherty, Carney and their CON ilk are far too ignorantly stupid - and without any cognizant ability of foresight - to realize that one way Canadians, especially seniors and retirees, are/will be able to provide some level of self-sufficiency is through the cash distributions provided by income trusts.

Individuals who rely on these distributions - especially those without cushy government pensions - to provide for themselves without government assistance will be devastated when 2011 rolls around. To be sure, the effects are already being felt, with restrictions on growth, reduced distributions and fire-sale prices to predatory government pension funds, foreign equity pools and wealthy private interests (entities unencumbered by this CON duplicitous deception).

Indeed, Canadians have already been devastated by the HUGE unnecessary destruction of their wealth and hard-earned savings that the CON government callously, unjustifiably and treasonously wrought on them on October 31, 2006.

There is some glimmer of hope though, and that is with a Liberal government, that has a compassionate and much more equitable plan for Canadians and their income trusts.

One can only hope that more Canadians will "brighten up" and send Harper, Flaherty and their CONS into a black hole where they belong.

Dr Mike said...


You are right on the money here!!!!

What bugs me is that these guys have gotten away with this without much trouble--they have bamboozled the public into thinking this was the right thing to do because somehow we were in the middle of stealing the food right off their tables & we were about to hold their children & pets hostage for some greedy self-centered reason.

How did this happen & why has there been no consequences to this government.

We may have to rename Prime Minister Harper the "teflon PM" not to take anything away from the original "teflon Don" John Gotti----nothing sticks to this guy.

Indiscretions run rampant , yet this guy is still considered to be the most trustworthy of all our political leaders.

Now how in hell is this possible??

Does the public have it`s collective eyes & ears closed for business.

I don`t know about you , but Stephane Dion has never lied to me unlike Mr teflon himself.

I think it is time to break the mould of Mr Dion that was framed so well by the Cons in their attack adds.

It is time for him to stand-up & present his policy proposals for the next election.

The people out there need to see that he is indeed a leader who stands for something.

Dr Mike Popovich

Robert Gibbs said...

Harper And Conservatives Placing Libel Chills On Opposition MPs

MP Barred From Asking Questions On Mulroney Saga

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

May 10, 2008 at 12:36 AM EDT

OTTAWA — A Liberal MP has been barred from asking questions on the Mulroney-Schreiber affair in Parliament, raising fears that a libel chill is set to extend into the House and committee rooms on the Hill.

Up until this week, Liberal MP Robert Thibault had been one of the opposition party's main questioners on the cash dealings between former prime minister Brian Mulroney and businessman Karlheinz Schreiber.

However, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson [who was appointed by Stephen Harper] has barred Mr. Thibault from raising the issue further in Parliament because Mr. Mulroney has launched a $2-million lawsuit against Mr. Thibault for allegedly libellous statements on CTV Newsnet on the matter.

Ms. Dawson ruled that according to the conflict-of-interest code, Mr. Thibault now has a “private interest” in the controversy and he cannot debate or vote on issues related to it.

In the absence of the lawsuit, Mr. Thibault could have continued to say anything on the matter in Parliament, given that parliamentary privilege protects MPs from being sued for what they say in the House or at committee.

However, the Ethics Commissioner said the conflict-of-interest code, as it stands, clearly affects Mr. Thibault's rights as an MP.

She found that Mr. Thibault was wrong to participate in the ethics committee's probe of the Mulroney-Schreiber dealings, including asking questions directly to Mr. Mulroney last December. Mr. Mulroney announced his intention to sue last November and filed the suit in January.

“I am of the view that lawsuits claiming damages that have been instituted against an individual constitute a liability,” Ms. Dawson's ruling said.

“His participation in the work of the Committee could reasonably be seen to be potentially influenced by his private interest, thus interfering with his public duties and functions and clearly creating a situation of real or apparent conflict of interest,” she said.

Ms. Dawson, who began her investigation after a complaint from the Conservatives, did not impose any sanctions against Mr. Thibault, stating that he acted in good faith and that her ruling was a first on this type of issue.

While Mr. Thibault said he accepts the Ethics Commissioner's report, he added that he also hopes that Parliament will take note and ensure that lawsuits are not used to force MPs to stop discussing public issues.

“I probably can no longer ask questions on this,” Mr. Thibault said. “It raises fears.”

In the current circumstances, Mr. Thibault said, he would likely be the subject of another investigation by the Ethics Commissioner if he continued to discuss the matter in Parliament.

Although the controversy has been quiet in recent weeks, it will quickly come back to the fore when the Harper government announces details of the public inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber dealings.

Ned Franks, a professor emeritus at Queen's University in Kingston and a parliamentary expert, said this week's ruling can prevent Parliament from doing its job, given that lawsuits can come down quickly these days.

“Does simply the threat of a lawsuit justify handicapping members when they're serving in their capacity as members of Parliament in the House of Commons? I think the answer to that has to be no,” he said.

Ms. Dawson also said the code could be amended to remove the threat of a libel chill.

Robert Gibbs said...

Mike said:

"...because somehow we were in the middle of stealing the food right off their tables..."

Mike: I would say That, prey tell, is exactly what the CONS are doing to income trust investors, seniors and retirees.


Mike said:

"Indiscretions run rampant , yet this guy is still considered to be the most trustworthy of all our political leaders."

"Now how in hell is this possible??"

"Does the public have its collective eyes & ears closed for business?"

Mike: For the life of me, that friggin' perplexity astounds me to no end too.

As you suggest, it seems the general public is completely ignorant, disinterested and bamboozled. So too with the media (w.r.t. income trusts), as we all know - and as Brent has many times pointed out.

But then, not many people are political "junkies", as some of us become when an issue strikes right at the heart of one's well-being and future.

All I can say is:

What The F***???!!!

Robert Gibbs said...

Bernier Serenades His Biker Chick

If you wanna be my lover,
Don't mention biker ties.

If you wanna be my lover,
I'll tell them all big lies.

If you wanna be my lover,
We'll dodge the security check.

If you wanna be my lover,
They found out; we're a wreck.

Anonymous said...

pollsters are crooked and they are conservative and want the conservatives in power....if I was Mr.Dion I would not believe the decima polls about carbon tax...they are trying to make him think it is alright with canadians...

Robert Gibbs said...

Hell's Angels Dealing With Embarrassment Of Connections To Harper Government

It is widely rumoured in biker circles that the Hell's Angels are trying to cope with the embarrassment of possible connections to the Conservative government of Stephen Harper!

Courtesy of Buckdog at

Robert Gibbs said...

Does Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister Bernier Have Connections To Other Organized Crime Groups?

May 10, 2008 04:30 AM (EDIT)
Sean Gordon
Quebec Bureau Chief

MONTREAL–RCMP officers recently visited Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier to investigate photos of him shaking hands with a globe-trotting Montreal businessman who was later arrested in a police sweep targeting Mohawk organized crime groups.

Montreal's La Presse has found that Bernier attended a Conservative party fundraising event in January, 2008 that was also attended by Michael Chamas, who is accused of a raft of weapons-related offences and is involved in a protracted fight with the Canadian Revenue Agency over unpaid taxes.

The photos that caught the eye of RCMP investigators show a grinning Bernier sharing a stage and shaking hands with Chamas, who is listed as president of a Delaware-based company called Global Village International Solutions.

Sources confirmed police contacted the minister concerning Chamas.

Chamas' company website features two photos of Chamas standing with former Conservative finance minister John Crosbie, who was recently appointed lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and who is listed as "legal counsel to Mr. Chamas."

Bernier has spent the last two days weathering the storm over revelations his former girlfriend had ties to outlaw biker gangs and organized crime figures.

According to an "insider", Chamas was invited to deliver a short speech to a Jan. 15, 2008 Conservative fundraiser in the north-end Montreal riding of Papineau, an event attended by 200 supporters and several prominent Conservatives, including Bernier.

Chamas was arrested along with 27 other people on March 26, 2008 as part of Project Cancun, a joint investigation by the RCMP, Sûreté du Québec and aboriginal police on the Kahnawake and Kanesetake reserves near Montreal, and the Akwesasne reserve near Cornwall.

The bulk of those arrested are accused of drug trafficking, and Chamas faces 10 counts relating to the possession of illegal weapons.

And well before this Conservative fundraiser, in the fall of 2007, the Lebanese-born Chamas was arrested in Switzerland after a routine customs inspection turned up 2 million euros in cash. The money was seized pending an investigation by Swiss authorities. He is also facing other legal difficulties closer to home.

The Canada Revenue Agency accuses Chamas of owing $952,355 in unpaid taxes.

Documents show that federal officials sought to freeze his assets, including his suburban Montreal house and four other properties.

Documents filed in Federal Court state that Chamas didn't file corporate tax returns between 2001 and 2005. On its corporate website, Global Village provides few details, but does give a corporate address in Delaware, a well-known tax haven.

With files from André Noël and André Cédilot of La Presse

Robert Gibbs said...

RCMP Question Cadman Widow Over Alleged Bribe Of Late Husband By Conservatives

May 10, 2008 04:30 AM (EDIT)
Petti Fong
Western Canada Bureau Chief

VANCOUVER–RCMP officers have interviewed Chuck Cadman's widow twice in the last two months after launching an investigation into an alleged bribe by Conservative Party officials to the dying MP.

The RCMP refuse to say whether they are officially probing the allegations, but Dona Cadman confirmed yesterday she has been interviewed twice by investigators.

The allegations first emerged in the book "Like a Rock: the Chuck Cadman Story", a biography written by Surrey, BC journalist Tom Zytaruk.

Cadman, a former Reform and Conservative MP, was an Independent MP when he helped save the minority Liberal government in a crucial budget vote on May 19, 2005. He died two months later.

Around the time of the vote, his widow told Zytaruk that two Conservative officials came to visit him and offered him a bribe - in the form of a $1 million life insurance policy - to vote with the Conservatives and bring down the Liberal government.

Cadman said officers also talked to her daughter Jodi as part of their investigation. Jodi Cadman and her husband Holland Miller said in separate bedside conversations that Chuck revealed to them he had been offered "incentives" from representatives of the Conservatives.

Tom Zytaruk also has a taped conversation with Conservative then opposition leader Stephen Harper, who admits that there were "financial considerations" offered.