Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Stephane Dion stands for justice for income trust investors"

The following statemnet appears on Garth Turner's blog of today entitled: The ballot question

"Dion stands for lower income taxes, justice for income trust investors, a drop in corporate taxes, a climate change strategy with guts, tax-shifting to reduce the burden on families, balanced budgets and technological innovation. At the same time, he stands against Mr. Harper’s runaway government spending, state censorship, handcuffing regulators, cheating on elections, vote-buying, betraying promises, punishing scientists and standing idly by while the environment and species are at risk."


Dr Mike said...

It`s nice to see the Dion & Liberal party support in writing!!

It is up to us now to make sure we remove Harper & his crew from power.

Even with our support during the last election , they barely squeaked into power. Without our support this time around , they are "dead ducks".

Jim Flaherty can go back to looking at the backdoors of ambulances where he belongs--Mr Harper can go back to being an economist wannabe.

Our country will certainly be better off.

Dr Mike Popovich

Robbed said...

What do you mean, "Our support during the last election". I have never supported the CONS in my life (over 60) and never will. Anyone who did vote for them since the Diefenbaker era must have scambled eggs for brains!

Robbed said...

That's scrambled not scambled. And I include the Diefenbaker era, too!

Robert Gibbs said...

Justice For Income Trust Investors!!!

“Dion stands for … justice for income trust investors…”
“Dion stands for … justice for income trust investors…”
“Dion stands for … justice for income trust investors…”

Halleluiah. Music to the hears of trust investors, seniors and retirees throughout the land!!!

Stephane Dion, Garth Turner and The Liberals stand for truth, justice, thoughtfulness, compassion, honesty, integrity and accountability.

The Canadian way!!!

Words and concepts completely foreign to and discarded by Harper, Flaherty and their treacherous and treasonous CON ilk.

Vote for the Bright.
Not the Conservative Blight.


Robert Gibbs said...

To All Income Trust Investors Who Experienced The Treachery And Treason Of Harper, Flaherty & Their CON Cohorts:

I respectfully urge you to make a thankful donation to The Liberal Party Of Canada and/or its MPs or candidates.

The Liberals are the one electable party that has stood by trust investors, seniors and retirees - and promise to bring back justice - against this CON-induced devastating and despicable matter.

A $100 donation will only cost $25 after receiving a $75 federal tax credit. A small price to pay for JUSTICE.

Please, put your money where your mouth is, as they say.



Robert Gibbs said...

Harper's Info Control Spinning Out Of Control

Last week, there was the shocking revelation from Auditor-General Sheila Fraser that the Tories were even trying to gag the officers of Parliament, herself included, who are supposed to be independent watchdogs.

From Monday's Globe and Mail

May 5, 2008 at 8:08 AM (EDIT)

Hardly a week goes by without Stephen Harper's Conservative government exposing itself as a control-freak, veritable anti-democratic regime. Slowly, piece-by-piece, controlling policies or edicts are attempted to quietly be put into place that stifle government accountability and transparency, independent agencies and watchdogs, parliamentary committees, access to information and even scientists. Some have even charged that, under Stephen Harper, Canada is slowly, silently being engineered into a Dictatorship regime.

On the weekend came the news that the Conservatives have quietly killed a huge information registry used by Canadians to hold government accountable. The system, known as the Co-ordination of Access to Information Request System, has been discontinued.

Last week, there was the shocking revelation from Auditor-General Sheila Fraser that the Tories were even trying to gag the officers of Parliament, herself included, who are supposed to be independent watchdogs.

Ms. Fraser blew the horn on the Stephen Harper crew in testimony at a Commons committee. She had caught wind about a draft proposal for a new communications strategy - or, as precision might have it, set of gag laws. The Privy Council Office, an arm of the Prime Minister's Office, would apparently be vetting her releases to the media. That, she stammered, was not going to happen. "I can tell you there is no way ..."

When further pressed on the whole issue by Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion and others, Conservative House leader Peter Van Loan did one of those answer-defying hairpin turns by rambling on about something entirely unrelated, thereby refusing to even address the issue.

Before that came the Keystone Kops thriller, a spectacular moment in the annals of Conservative spin control that saw Prime Minister Harper's henchmen hightailing it down a fire escape in the Sheraton Hotel, after having surreptitiously switched from the Lord Elgin Hotel when the media caught on. They were trying to evade the journalist hordes who, on the Elections Canada imbroglio, had caught them, in flagrante delictu, evasively giving select spin control briefings to a favoured few. One CBCer cum cameraman knocked on the door and was told to beat it.

Some Canadians may also recall that the Conservatives once had plans for a new "Communist China-styled" government-controlled media centre, only to back away after the plan got leaked and an uproar ensued.

Journalists certainly remember the strategy employed at a Conservative party conference in Prince Edward Island last year. There, they called in the cops and had the media "escorted" out onto the streets.

Many in Ottawa point to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative henchman operative Doug Finley as the two people most responsible for engaging in the gutter politics that has alienated voters.

Another person charged that Harper's enemies' list was almost Nixonian in proportion. "MPs who oppose him are kicked out, non-partisan organizations have their funding cut, hardworking loyal public servants are fired, journalists who irritate him do not make the A list, parliamentary committees are shut down, financial incentives (bribes) are offered to candidates, anyone who challenges him gets sued, opposition is not tolerated and opinions are not welcomed."

Sunstone said...

Dump the Party of the Avro Arrow.

Restore Income Trusts.

Stephane Dion - not a Liar.

Put Tubby and the Dwarf to work - don't vote for them.

I want my Canada back.

I'll be voting Liberal.

Bless you Garth.