Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting to know the inner Stephen Harper, one scandal at a time





Income trust
tax leakage fraud

Hmmmm, maybe Stephen Harper isn't such a towering presence after all, but rather a Matryoshka doll?



Dr Mike said...

I feel terrible as Stephen Harper loses control of the situation--well , maybe not so much.

It is about time that the people in this country & the Canadian media finally wised-up to what is going on.

This guy is better suited to run Stalag 13 than Colonel Klink.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Add to these the asinine blunders of his right-hand man, the incompetant Flaherty:
-the volte-face on the income trust promise;
-the crazy flip-flop on interest deductability on foreign investments;
-the Atlantic Accord fiasco;
-the un-tendered $122,000 contract to an old cronie;
-his ineptitude towards the plight of the automotive and forestry industies.

Laid off in Ontario said...

Well I guess the Liberals were right all along .. do nothing and the Tories will self destruct!