Friday, October 24, 2008

FP Letters to the Editor: Terry Corcoran’s ‘non-mea culpa’

October 23, 2008

It was nice to see your mea culpa in Tuesday’s paper. It takes a big person to admit a mistake. I think though that you should add the blunder of all blunders: Your support of the double taxing of income trusts, and, along with it, your vilification of Brent Fullard.
We now know without any doubt that this failed policy is costing the Canadian government (read: taxpayers) more than $2-billion per year in lost taxes — going to north of $7-billion per year when the sector is fully destroyed. With all the talk of the Canadian government running a deficit, that lost tax revenue would certainly help the Conservatives from breaking yet another promise of “no deficits.”
I hope to see you add this mistake the next time you publish your list.

Randy Meyer, Calgary.


The Right is Where it's At said...

Hi with all this doom and gloom about income trust that this blog has been portraying for months now,can you please explain why Mr.Brent Fullard got his butt handed to him in the election by Mr.James M. Flaherty? Also if you can please explain with all this negative information about income trust,why did Mr.Harper get a stronger mandate and the Liberals weaker then ever before?

Anonymous said...

Hey "the right is where its at":

Are you saying that the "green shift" had nothing to do with the election outcome?......or that the tens of millions of petro-dollars from out west used to fund the CONs pre writ election advertising binge had nothing to do with the record low voter turn out?

As for Harper's so called "win"....or "stronger mandate"....anything short of a his sought after majority was a $300 million exercise in vanity and a waste of taxpayers money, just like Harper himself.

PS: Does harper's fixed election promise of October 2009 still stand?

The Right is Where it's At said...

I never said that the so called "Green Shift" was not a factor. Your guy Mr.Brent Fullard did run under the Liberal banner,so I assumed that he was in favor of the green shift. You don't run for a party if you don't agree to their platform,now do you? Why wasn't they're the big outrage to turf out our finance minister Mr.James M.Flaherty hey?

You said:

"As for Harper's so called "win"....or "stronger mandate"....anything short of a his sought after majority was a $300 million exercise in vanity and a waste of taxpayers money, just like Harper himself."

Did Mr.Harper want a majority of course he did.You don't think that Mr.Dion didn't want one too?As to $300 million being a waste! Well its all how you look at it.If the Liberals would have won,you would have never said that it was a waste. What this election did is to put the Liberals in a huge debt and more weaker than they were before.

You said:

"PS: Does harper's fixed election promise of October 2009 still stand?"

1) Ask Mr.Harper this question.I'M not a member of his team or any political parties.I don't know him personally or anyone that knows him.Why don't you personally pick up the phone and call the PMO since you want to know.

2)Just for your information the fix election law that was passed didn't affect the Governor General. I assume you know that the GG calls election in this country,so there you have it.

Anonymous said...

After months of attack ads against a weak Liberal leader and all the Conservative's get is a minority?


Harper is as done as Dion, he just doesn't fathom the reality yet that he is the RB Bennett of our time.,_1st_Viscount_Bennett#Confronting_the_depression

Dr Mike said...

Harper will be gone by 2010--he will not run again.

This economic mess will be his undoing as it was for Bob Rae in Ontario.

Mr Harper called this election at his convenience & for the sole reason that he would have been toast to call it any later.

The Governor general did not do her job--she is in place to allow an election call if an election is required --Mr Harper used the lame excuse of a parliamentary disfunction which was indeed not the case.

He was taking advantage of the built-in GG loophole--weakness of the position--figurehead only.

Mr Harper is an opportunist of the worst kind--his word means nothing--he promises one thing & then does whatever the hell he wants--if it happened once or even twice , it would be forgivable , but dozens of times--I don`t think so.

The people of this country are not as stupid as he gives them credit for.

He will be gone by 2010.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Randy said...

To: The Right is Where it's At

Can you just explain why you support $7 billion per year in lost taxes?