Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jack Layton, the opportunist hypocrite wrapped inside of an enigma

I just caught a CBC clip of Jack Layton jumping on the pension fund bandwagon. He says something needs to be done to protect retirees income and allow these people to sleep at night! Meanwhile Jack Layton does his best sleeping during the parliament....approving measures that are without any factual evidence...that cost Canadians saving for retirement a mere $35 billion...with a B, as in billion.

Jack Layton must think all Canadians have pensions like himself, when in fact only 25% do. Meanwhile Jack Layton has supported Harper’s measures for a two tiered pension system in Canada, where 25% of Canadians get pension income splitting, and the other 75% do not, and 25% can own income trusts free of the 31.5% tax and the other 75% can not.

Jack Layton, the opportunist hypocrite wrapped inside of an enigma.


Anonymous said...


How can you push for pension fund bailout ????? You helped the CONS ruin my life, now you want me to pay for pension funds. TELL THEM TO SUCK IT UP, THEY SHOULD HAVE DIVERSIFIED. THATS WHAT YOU TOLD ME. YOU BASTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


A may want to include how Layton helped could remind him it was his support of the Income Trust tax change that cost us 30% of our retirement savings...he probably has no clue what you are referring to as he has made too many gaffs to remember.


Transcanada said...

Layton is Harper's pet monkey clothed in a clown suit. How can anyone take him seriously?

The NDP voted with the Clownservatives to destroy $35 billion in Canadian's Income Trust market value in Nov 2006.

Go away Jack. We don't need your expertise.

Anonymous said...

So is Jack too stupid to understand or just a liar?

Dr Mike said...

Happy Jack , what would we ever do without you.

Your ability to miss the obvious has left many of us in utter amazement of your skills to support the most unthinkable.

I do realize that you do rely on people such as Judy W-L who has the inane knack to make the sublime out of the ridiculous & whose closest competition would be the proverbial bag of hammers.

Still , a little thought about the consequences of your support might help.

You drone on about being a man of the people & protecting the little guy , his job & his pension.

You go on & On about taxing business , as if taxing the employer out of business will somehow buy some jobs.

I am afraid Jack , that you are out of touch with reality & the window to your mind has been nailed shut for some time now.

Goodbye Happy Jack , thanks for the non-input.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, is Jack too stupid to understand or just a liar?
Well having met Jack Layton personally and having made the mistake of doing his party a small favour that was not paid back (his goons were told very clearly what the expectation was and the time frame to repay the favour - nothing illegal or immoral and actually mutually beneficial) I sincerely believe the answer to your question is a bit of column A & B. Not repaying that favour was stupid on so many levels. The obvious is that I probably would not be writing a post and using my big mouth on occasion if they had lived up to their word.
The NDP as a political party operates no differently than a business. To be clear they are in the business of getting votes and will do anything they can to get them. Through that stupid favour I did - I witnessed way too much and know first hand they employ Conservative tactics such as way too much bad mouthing. Some of their supporters are too dumb to understand policy - others like their more educated supporters are too lazy to do their homework and have a false sense of moral superiority. This seems to be how the NDP get support. After the last English debate I also realize J.L. steals concepts & ideas from Gilles Ducceppe & the Bloc. The NDP still has very strong ties to the CAW and frequently endorsed by the CAW. Another liar organization that claims to fight for all their membership. The organization also refuses to give the Liberal party any credit for anything positive with regards to their policy making. In their publications references to the Liberal party will read as "the government". Their publications do openly bad mouth the Conservatives. While the CAW does fight for their autoworkers - good luck to you if you are a CAW member and work outside of the big 3. They will take your membership fees and render no service to other sectors of manufacturing. Some of their top goons are too stupid to analyze all sides of an issue before taking a side or offering union stewards advice. These goons are also ridiculously arrogant when dealing with their own member organizations outside the big 3. For example, they close their office and offer no support during the annual GM July shutdown. Companies know this and take advantage. All their policies are based on auto and will be implemented even if it is counter productive for an industry outside of auto. The CAW's manufacturing matters campaign should read "Made in Canada Matters only when it comes to auto."
Perhaps that sheds some insight about J.L. the chronic hypocrite and his hypocrite supporters?