Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tim Horton's - Whitby

To: Jim Flaherty Campaign
Subject: Coffee shop

Just thought I would let you know I had a great time at the local Tim's shop just down the street from your campaign HQ's this morning discussing your popularity dropping in sync with the stock market. Complete strangers overhearing our discussions are agreeing that you don't have a clue regarding the economy. No problem convincing most of these strangers to NOT vote for you or your CON-servative party.

This thing is really getting interesting now. What sweet justice to have your party brought down by the stock market - just as you brought down many, many ordinary Canadians with your income trust lie. We certainly don't trust your stock market tips!!!



Dr Mike said...


Thanks for your advice to buy now that the market is low.

Don`t you think if I had any #%%$#$%% money left , that I might just do that.

Your advice to me to buy income trusts back in July 2006 ranked up there with the best of them.

Thank God your advice is free.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about just desserts, or being hoisted on one's own petard.

This is beautiful!!!
At least it takes some of the sting out of watching the stock markets being crushed.

Paul Sirois

makeyourvotecount said...

Keep harper out of office .. everybody else wins .. please make your vote really count!!!