Monday, October 20, 2008

Governor General provided Harper with needed cover.

Harper lost all 4 Byelections that the Queen's representative conveniently terminated on the eve of the By-election vote, by calling a general election in advance of Harper’s own fixed election date broken promise.


Liberal: 32.2%
Conservative: 29.2%


Liberal: 46.5%
Conservative: 15.8%


Bloc Quebecois: 37.6%
Liberal: 28.5%
Conservative: 15.8%

Don Valley West:

Liberal 44.4%
Conservative: 38.8%


The Moderate Maverick said...

And your point being?

Harper won a hell lot more seats at our expense. Have you seen the new political map of Ontario lately? Except in Toronto, we got pwned by the NDP up North and go swept up in a blue tide across Southern Ontario.

"Harper lost all 4 by elections" SO WHAT?

Anonymous said...

This is an important point. If Harper hadn't broken his own fixed date election law, he would have taken a blow when he lost those by-elections, and been in a much weaker position going into the campaign. Liberals would have been more energized, and the outcome would have been vastly different.

The Moderate Maverick said...

That sounds like wishful thinking. I seriously doubt that the outcome of the by elections, if they took place at all, would have generated enough momentum to counter all the negative advertising that went on through the campaign, not to mention that last minute embarrassing clip of Dion fumbling the interview with CTV.

The only difference would have been that the riding results would have had different margins of victory, I think.

Anonymous said...

Can you run againts Flaherty next election again?

Dr Mike said...

Hopefully Flaherty will be run out of town on a rail before the next election.

Ditto for his boss.

Hell , might as well take the rest of the CRAP clowns with them too.

Dr Mike Popovich.

PS---I was very disappointed in the GG for not enforcing the fixed election date laws.

We wasted 300+ million dollars on a relatively useless endeavor brought on by a leader whose only interest is power.