Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why can OMERs own Teranet Income Fund and not pay Harper's 31.5% tax?

Teranet board opens door for OMERS
Market turmoil means better bid for electronic land registry unlikely to appear


October 16, 2008

Turmoil in the financial markets has reduced what might have been a crowded race to buy Teranet Income Fund down to a single horse.

With little hope of a rival bidder emerging, Teranet's board of directors withdrew its recommendation that investors reject a $1.7-billion takeover offer from Borealis Infrastructure Management Inc.

Borealis, an investment arm of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System pension fund, will extend its bid by two weeks to Oct. 31. At this time all other terms and conditions of the offer remain unchanged, Borealis said in a news release yesterday.

On Sept. 26, the board of Teranet, which holds the exclusive licence for Ontario's electronic land registry system until 2017, unanimously recommended unitholders reject Borealis's "inadequate" $11-a-unit cash bid.

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Dr Mike said...

Here we go again!!

Another trust bought on the cheap thanks to the Un-dynamic duo of Harper & Flaherty.

The imposition of a tax well beyond the tax level for corporations has forced the value of trusts so low they are now easy targets for take-over.

This tax was set-up to target publicly owned trusts only--the accompanying growth constraints were likewise placed on publicly traded trusts only.

Once gobbled within the belly of someone like an OMERs , both the new tax & the growth constraints were removed.

Pension funds win , we lose.

A time held tradition.

Thanks Un-dynamic duo.

We will not forget.

Dr Mike Popovich.