Friday, October 8, 2010

CON MP James Rajotte hypocrisy Part 2

Lawrence Martin's book Haperland reveals that CON MP James Rajotte supported Stephen Harper's income trust betrayal on the basis that income trusts were bad for the economy or some equally non-quantifiable esoteric and wholly subjective argument, which totally contradicts what he had argued in Parliament in the past, as follows:

From Hansard

September 29th, 2005 / 10:45 a.m.

Conservative James Rajotte Edmonton—Leduc, AB

Madam Speaker, my colleague's question gives me the opportunity to explain. I know it is not related specifically to Bill C-55, but it is related to income trusts.

The member mentioned that the United States does not have income trusts. That is true. However, it also do not have double taxation on dividends. If double taxation of dividends were not done in Canada, then we would not need income trusts. Income trusts allow the company to pass on the profits to their investors. People say that is evading taxes. What it does is pass on profits to the investors and thereby companies do not pay the double taxation to the government.

It is interesting, but it is a fundamental difference between the New Democratic Party and the Conservative Party. If we look at productivity and competitiveness, I do not believe the path to productivity and competitiveness is by double taxing those people who are taking their hard earned dollars and investing it in companies in Canada. That is what investors are doing.

By double taxing companies, we are not increasing our productivity and competitiveness. We are in fact lessening our productivity and competitiveness by giving more resources to the government, by double taxing those people who are taking their own hard earned capital to invest in our companies in Canada. That is exactly the wrong path to go down.

If the finance minister wants to come forward and say that the government will stop double taxing investors who take their hard earned money and put it into companies in Canada, we in the Conservative Party would probably say that we should look at that. That is what the United States does and maybe that would be even a better way to go than the income trust angle.

If we want jobs to be created, whether it is in northwestern British Columbia, on the east coast or anywhere else in Canada, we need Canadians to use their excess capital to invest in companies here.

Our biggest problem in Canada with productivity and competitiveness today is a lack of access to capital by small and medium size companies. If we go to any research institution in any field across the country, talk to the head of the NRC, the ARC or whomever else, they will say that our number one issue in Canada is productivity and competitiveness.

The forestry sector has been hit by unfair trade practices by our colleagues. It has had to put up $5 million in duties. This sector has actually made profits because it has responded by becoming more efficient and more competitive. The forestry sector has not done this by evading taxes. I think, frankly, it has been by trying not to pay double taxation to the government and passing on some gains to investors. The investors can then use the surplus money to reinvest back into the communities across the country.


Dr Mike said...

Sweet mother of God , what a miscarriage of parliament this whole trust mess turned-out to be.

It was bad enough these guys made this solemn promise based on their opposition to the Liberal thinking at the time but to say they would protect seniors & then stab them in the back , what a nightmare.

I hope they feel some shame for the trouble they caused.

Unfortunately , I doubt that they do.

Tough luck you old seniors.

Suck it up & eat your Meow Mix.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Man the guy is a king sized hypocrite.


Dr Mike said...


I think this applies to the "New" Conservative party of Canada :

"You can fool all of the people all of the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough." ~~~~ Joseph Levine

Dr Mike