Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today’s Top News Headlines

Canada loses bid for UN Security Council Seat, Harper blames Ignatieff

Canadian dollar close to reaching US dollar parity, Harper blames Ignatieff

Bisphenol A officially declared toxic, Harper blames Ignatieff

David Arquette splits from Courteney Cox, Harper blames Ignatieff


Dr Mike said...

Geeez Louise , I just spilled my coffee on my keyboard.

That damn Michael Ignatieff.

I can remember when the provincial Liberals got into power here in Ontario after the Mike Harris days , they blamed everything on Mike Harris.

Why can`t any of these gov`ts take the bullet for their own stupid policy rather than blaming someone else.

Stephen Harper`s international policy lost us the Un seat & certainly not the leader of the opposition.

Grow up Conservatives , nobody believes this CRAP.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Harper blames Iggy
Iggy blames Harper

well enough I can play the blame game.

Oct 31st 2006
Income trust decision from
the Conservative/Harper/Flaherty
I blame the whole dam bunch

Anonymous said...

And look who was subbing for Dear Abby today!

Dear Harpy;
My dog has fleas. Can I blame Ignatieff?

Dear My Dog, of course you can. I do, and often.
Divisively Yours,