Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why does Ottawa seem intent on keeping seniors down?

OCTOBER 6, 2010

I am a senior and would like to know why the Conservative Party of Canada is against seniors.

It went back on its promise not to touch income trusts.

Thousands of seniors had invested in income trusts based on the Conservative promise not to pass legislation affecting them.

We lost thousands of dollars, money that was supposed to provide for us in our later years.

It was only with a lot of outside pressure that this government decided to help our veterans -- many old and suffering from injuries and disease as a result of battles.

Also, the Conservatives persuaded the B.C. Liberal Party to implement the harmonized sales tax, increasing the cost to us seniors on fixed incomes.

The Conservatives refuse to support any legislation that would help pensioners.

Bill C-501 is such a piece of legislation.

It's a private member's bill that proposes to give pensioners priority over junk and vulture bond dealers, many of whom are not Canadian, in the distribution of monies when the assets of a bankrupt company are wound up. This bill would result in pensioners getting a bit more money, without any impact on taxpayers, yet the Conservative party is against it.


Clyde Brown


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Anonymous said...

Harper thinks seniors have lost their voice, well Mrs Harper
I do not drive anymore, but I pay full price for my pills.
I do not have a corporate or public pension plan but I do pay full price on my ever rising utility bills and property taxes.

But I have a question why did you take my pension away my main cashflow away when you killed the income trusts ?

Voices, choices,
Mr Harper my eye sight, ears and fingers are still in good shape to listen and vote !

MC from Ottawa

Dr Mike said...

They always said the old folks who were trust investors had no constituency.

They were framed as greedy old farts who didn`t have a clue how to invest but were none the less stealing the very food & medicine out of the mouths of the rest of Canada.

When Power Corp & Goldman demanded that trusts be killed , seniors took the bullet.

Shame on the Conservatives everywhere for promising to protect seniors.

I voted for these guys back in 2006 so shame on me.

Dr Mike Popovich _- Rodney Ont