Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The world is a safer place

Today we learned the good news that Stephen Harper dropped out of the race to have Canada named to the UN's Security Council after the inevitable defeat was about to unfold, much like he dropped out of the University of Toronto when defeat was imminent.

See: Canada abandons UN bid in embarrassing turn for Harper

How do you spend your life maligning the UN and then expect to get elected to the Security Council, as Harper did?

The world is a safer place without Canada on the UN security council. After all, Harper would be calling all the shots in the name of Canada with less than 30% of Canadians supporting this tin pot dictator. This would never have been Canada per se on the Security Council, but rather Harper and his band of bozo thugs.

Count your lucky stars that Harper isn't invoking Canadians before the Security Council in the name of whatever personal vendetta he may be advancing behind closed doors at the UN. How mentally stable do you consider Stephen Harper and his band of thugs to be when they attempt to lay blame for this UN Security Council defeat at the feet of Michael Ignatieff?

Certified lunatics, these HarperCons. We don't need lunatics like these making decisions within the UN Security Council that's for sure. It's bad enough that they are confined to making decisions for Canada. Why spread that contagion?


Anonymous said...

How come the voting nations of the UN get Harper's game & Canadians don't ?

No doubt Harper will start pouting ,withdraw us from Afganastan, reduce our UN contributions, all to the cheers of all the NDP & Bloc types, maybe giving him a majority is the bargin !!

What a thought !!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the tantrum that His Fatness must have thrown? Oh the horror, the chairs whose legs are permanently scarred from His abuse...


Sociopathy; thy Name is Harpler.


Brent Fullard said...


It’s a great day in the neighbourhood when all Canadians can see Harper to be the great Loser we have known him to be for four years now.

See: It’s Stephen Harper’s loss


Dr Mike said...

I have been listening to Lawrence Cannon & a few other Con minions attempting to blame this embarrassment on Michael Ignatieff.

Canadians should be outraged by this blame-game when a gov`t won`t accept the responsibility for it`s own failures.

That is like little Stevie blaming little Michael for little Stevie`s failing of grade 1.

If Canadians believe any of this crap , then they really do deserve the CRAP gov`t they have now.

Dr Mike Popovich

Kid Leduc said...

The international community can see past Harperabji's smoke and mirrors to an incompetent and awfully confused wizard of media ops.

So what dim-witted with the highly educated, intelligent, independent and truth-seeking Canadian journalists?

Maybe they have viral infection called desparatelywantingpaycheckitis, eh?
I heard it's been going around the media in the Third World.