Sunday, October 31, 2010

Readers' Comments on Globe's latest Income trust BS

Image: Globe and Mail's Harper government apologist David Parkinson

Readers’ comments here.

This reader comment from Albin for example:

Is the writer out of his bloody mind? Or maybe he was born yesterday and things just look pretty good since then, because he found a lot of financial services flunkies to provide happy talk quotes about future possibilities. Apart from the few REITs, a lot of good people lost a lot of good money solely for trusting this government in what it said in black and white it would not do.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Massacre Day, Brent.

Hope you have managed to recover despite the scam perpetrated by Flaherty, Harper and their Corporate Masters. We know that many have not.


Brent Fullard said...

Happy Massacre Day to you as well Alan!

I have faired just fine all things considered following the fraudulent expropriation of my retirement savings by Flaherty and his gang of thugs. However, Canada’s democracy faired less well, to the extent we ever had one to begin with.


Dr Mike said...

Man , it`s great to see that Canadians are still pissed-off after all this time.

And rightly so , as these guys deserve nothing but our scorn & certainly not our support.

They played on the financial ignorance of the people at Tim`s & on the fearful press.

Sad , only in Canada eh , pity.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween

This government is the lieing witch we all knew they were.


Anonymous said...

I'm reassured to see there's still a lot of bad memories of Harper's lie and Flaherty obscene Halloween joke. Too bad old folks don't know how to do political action.

But the world changes. I used to subscribe to the Globe. They must be sucking sloughwater for new subscribers since they've started to dump their trash on my doorstep for free. If they don't stop soon, I'll have their delivery guy charged with trespass.

Anonymous said...

This comment on today's Gag & Mal article about Manulie (the S&P downgrading) gave me a good laugh and seemed worth repeating and sharing on this forum.

"Coming on the 4th anniversary of Harper/Flaherty Income Trust backstabbing that was actively lobbied by Manulife so they could sell their own annuity, a financial product that was much riskier than announced as we discovered with the 2008 crisis: what goes around comes around!"