Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ethical oil?

Laura Stone of the Calgary Herald reports: "Bruce Carson has taken a leave of absence but did not resign from a provincial government advisory panel for Alberta’s oil sands in light of an RCMP investigation into the business dealings of the former senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper."

So, I guess the best boosters in Alberta for "ethical oil" are people like Bruce Carson with past criminal charges who served jail time and are now embroiled in charges of influence peddling? Sounds like ethical oil to me. Not.


Anonymous said...

Leave Bruce alone. He did his time. Forgive and forget.

You should be more concerned about those guys who haven't done their time yet, eh?


Dr Mike said...

Poor Bruce , poor Steve , poor Alberta Oil Sands , I am afraid they are all joined at the hip.

Thank God there is a busty hooker/escort involved as she is probably the most ethical part of this whole story.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

A lack of perspective? Due process?

Comparing the middle east regimes human right record (Eza's take on ethical oil) that murder their citizens to a former Conservative aide from the 70's who may have used his network to secure meetings?

I should give credit: You did not tied this into the flip flop over the income trusts. Kudos I guess.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Number Two, ya want a connection between Bruce and the Income Trust debacle. Here's one for you.

The people involved in the income trust debacle were rewarded with cushy jobs by the Government or some industry-connected orgs.

Carson got his own industry connected org. Duz ya wanna a crayon to draw a line between the dots?