Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's not a gag order. It's HUSH MONEY!

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2011

What is Harper hiding with the former Integrity Commissioner?

OTTAWA – Liberals are calling on Stephen Harper to tell Canadians what he was trying to hide with his gag order and half-a-million-dollar payout to former Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet.

“A senior government official resigns in disgrace after failing to do her job, but gets rewarded with more than $500,000 of Canadians’ money,” said Jean-Claude D’Amours, Liberal MP and Public Accounts Committee member. “What is Mr. Harper trying to hide with his gag order?”

Last week media reports revealed that the Conservative government paid Ms. Ouimet more than $500,000 - $407,000 in severance pay and another $130,000 as part of an agreement that she not say or do anything that may “impair the reputation” or “be otherwise detrimental” to the government. (Postmedia News, March 5, 2011)

“Ms. Ouimet’s golden parachute tells us one thing about the Harper Conservatives’ approach to watchdogs: do nothing and you’ll get a half-million-dollar severance, but do your job properly, like Linda Keen, Paul Kennedy or Munir Sheikh, and you’ll be fired,” said Mr. D’Amours.

Liberal MP Navdeep Bains, who also sits on the Public Accounts Committee, noted that officers of Parliament are required to act independently, and will find out if this was the case.

“Canadians deserve to know what role the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office had in Ms. Ouimet’s atrocious record of sweeping away 228 whistleblower complaints without an investigation,” said Mr. Bains. “Many of these cases involved the misuse of funds and government property that would be highly embarrassing to the Conservative government.

“In less than three years, the Prime Minister has destroyed the credibility of an independent Public Sector Integrity Commission,” concluded Mr. Bains. “If public servants – and all Canadians – can’t count on the PMO or PCO to defend those who expose wrongdoing, who can they trust?"


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Dr Mike said...

Come on Liberals , this is the perfect attack ad.

Call it "Hush Money".

Tell Canadians how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent to keep a ridiculously useless public servant quiet to protect the Harper gov`t.

Tell them how much needed healthcare resources were diverted to keep this woman`s mouth shut.

Canada has become the world of Steve.

It`s time to let everyone know.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

In other news today "Alberta court finds Ottawa’s bid for national regulator unconstitutional."

This story too is typical Harper: forget the BNA Act, fugget the Income Tax Act and hard data of money pouring out of RSP and RIF accounts every day... fugget all that because the Prime Mastermind is smartest guy in Canada ever.

He can make fake news up or he can hush things down.

Bruce Benson said...

Great, another example of the openess promised by Mr. Harper. Pissing more of my borrowed dollars to low life's thus keeping a corrupt bitch quiet.

Anonymous said...

This is political Porn at its best

wake up Liberals or Fiberals wake up !!!

This movie is Hot !! 5 stars