Monday, March 28, 2011

Just the Facts: Harper’s broken tax cut promises

Stephen Harper has broken seven Conservative tax cut promises. Now he’s promising help for families after his next fixed election date in May 2015, making families wait in line for five years behind large corporations.

Why should Canadians believe Harper’s tax cut promise this morning?

Broken tax cut promises:

1. Eliminate the capital gains tax when the proceeds are reinvested within six months (2006 Platform).

Promise: Broken.

2. Not tax income trusts (2006 Platform).

Promise: Broken.

3. Develop tax incentives for developers to build affordable housing (2006 Platform).

Promise: Broken.

4. The “Tax Back Guarantee” to pay down debt, achieve interest savings and apply those savings to personal income tax reductions (2006 Budget).

Promise: Broken.

5. Reducing Taxes on Diesel Fuels (2008 Platform).

Promise: Broken.

6. Allow families where one spouse is not working full-time in order to care for one or more family members with disabilities – whether children or adults – to split their
income between spouses for tax purposes (2008 Platform).

Promise: Broken.

7. Enhance the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit by making it refundable (2008 Platform).

Promise: Broken.


Liberal Party of Canada


Bruce Benson said...

So why should we believe a single word Harper says now? A true psychopath at work. Lets not forget that Harper is the one thats in for himself.

Anonymous said...

Say can you remember, he called us "Pals"? He promised us seniors income security.

Say can you remember how he cost us small retail investors billions while his laughing fool Mr Two New Shoes lied thru the wall of his teeth?

Trust NOT Stephen Harper.

Dr Mike said...

He is now referring to you & I as "my friends"

All I can say is don`t make eye contact , hold onto your wallet & run like hell.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Quite the nerve those Liberals for even mentioning Income Trusts! Very hypocritical ... Seems to be Income Trusts are only gets mentioned or becomes an issue when it is convenient for that political party and they need votes. We all know why they keep quiet on that one - DESMARAIS money!

Seems the only party Income Trustors can vote for with a clear conscience is the Green Party ...

Brent Fullard said...

You're right about the Liberals! Very opportunistic is how you would describe the Liberal's attachment to the income trust issue. It's only ever mentioned by the Liberals when it suits THEIR purposes and advances their cause, Its been that way ever since Ignatieff took over from Dion. Total conniving hypocrites. They can't even get the most fundamental facts straight, as an earlier press release of March 27, 2011 said that the tax on income trusts was 34%, when we all know it was 31.5%. DUH! How do you spell "asleep at the wheel"?

See Liberal press release here: