Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jason Kenney's ethnic pandering

Forget about the Conservative logo for a moment. Instead, ponder over just what exactly is meant by Jason Kenney's award that reads:

"In celebration of the spirit of diversity that exists within Canada awarded to the Yang Sheng Restaurant for creating an authentic multicultural dining experience."

Authentic multicultural dining experience? Who makes these judgments? The ethnicity police?

How low will these pandering Tories stoop to capture a vote?


WesternGrit said...

It's great psychology: Like the child in school, give them a "gold star" so they become "teacher's pet". Unfortunately it is a very immoral use of public resources. Conservative logo on an award purportedly from the Minister's office, given to a business to display in a very public place SMACKS of election fraud. How else can you explain Kenney's use of such a tool?

I have campaigned at a high level with Liberals in the 3 Western-most provinces, and have never seen such blatant disregard for democracy, ever - and certainly no such displays of advertising subverting advertising spending laws... (which is what Kenney's little ploy here translates to).

Bruce Benson said...

There is no such word as LOW or too LOW when it comes to Conservative pandering.

Dr Mike said...

Maybe the "C" stands for good "C"ooking??

Dr Mike Popovich

marie said...

Maybe the "C" stands for good "C"ooking??

or convicts waiting for space in prison?

Anonymous said...

Well when you consider that Kenny isn't let out much, dines mainly on Macs and Pizza, then it is easy to understand by he might think a Chinese restaurant is diverse but then why didn't he give this award to the other 983,000 Chinese restaurants in Canada?


Anonymous said...

Yeah we are in the day and age which "awards" mean nothing. Good luck to this restaurant if they actually hang up that piece of crap. Hmm if the restaurant owner is a card carrying CON maybe they will add an "Odaferous" item on their menu to go with the Kenney award? Will the walls be painted CON blue?

When gym shopping I decided against Premier Fitness simply on the basis that they included a photo of Harper at a ribbon cutting ceremony in one of their promo flyers. A real time saver, as that eliminated a place to check out. Politics of any kind is inappropriate for a recreational / health and fitness setting. Especially since Harper and the rest of the crowd in that photo and some other people shots all looked bloated and out of shape ...

Anyhow here is an interesting article in today's Gag ... "OSC should think twice about accepting SEC-style deals"

Doesn't sound good at all for retail investors. I thought enough damage was done to the Cdn Market and retail investors especially - with the Halloween Masacre?