Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harper would never lie, would he?

Bloc leader says Harper lying about earlier coalition bid

By: The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is lying when he says there was no plan in 2004 to build a political coalition to replace the then-Liberal government.

Harper has repeatedly raised the spectre of a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition taking over if he fails to get his longed-for majority.

The prime minister says it's undemocratic for a second-place party to try to take power.

But Duceppe says Harper wanted to form his own coalition seven years ago against Paul Martin's Liberals.

He said there was a key meeting in a Montreal hotel where the subject of the opposition parties banding together against Martin was thrashed out.

Duceppe says Harper asked him at the time what the Bloc would like to see in the throne speech.


Dr Mike said...

One thing about Gilles , he is the consummate European politician where you don`t flower a speech , you tell it like it is--- it helps to have the original letter in your possession.

A secret meeting in the Delta hotel in downtown Montreal led to the re-writing of the rules of parliament by the 3 in the union , the Cons , the Dippers & the Bloc.

These new rules were then presented to Paul Martin & he had no choice but to accept them as they were the will of the majority.

Can`t wait for Harper to bring up the specter of the Coalition at the debates , & Gilles hits him between his eyes with his own words.

This has the potential to remove Harper`s most valuable weapon , fear.

Way to go Gilles & thank you.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Harper's not the problem. His nutty professor reads too much Plato.

Ya see, in the Republic, Plato fancies that the filosofer-ruler will have to lie every now and then to do a proper job.

So the nutty professor has sold his twinkly-eyed student on the hypothesis 'If the filosofer-ruler must lie to do a good job, then you must lie to confirm that you are doing a proper job.'

The problem is that the nutty professor has not defined 'the proper job.' But being a super student of Plato in the Academy of the foothills, he knows that he can fix that issue in his next reincarnation.


Bruce Benson said...

I am just wondering to what extent the Press will go to ignore Harpers previous attempts at creating the "Hated Coalition"? Today the Boggy man's busy inciting panic and fear of a Coalition which this two faced Pr..k embraced in 2004.