Friday, April 4, 2008

Educational 'graffiti' beats lying to the voters ....

Letters to the Editor
St. Catharines Standard
April 4, 2008

Educational 'graffiti' beats lying to the voters ....

Re: Political attack ad is nothing more than graffiti, The Standard, March 27.

If David Lewis took the time to review the facts about the Conservative party's so-called Tax Fairness Plan, he might not criticize the four million retail investors (many of whom are retirees) who believed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's promise that he would never tax income trusts - only to lose $35 billion 10 months later when Harper broke his promise.

If Lewis contributes to the Canada Pension Plan or owns any mutual funds, then he participates in the $35 billion loss and perhaps should consider joining the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors instead of criticizing it.

He better get used to the billboards - at least educational "graffiti" - It is more honest than constant lying to voters.

L. Roberts
York Mills Road

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Dr Mike said...

Keep those cards & letters coming.

Now this is democracy at work.

This is much like the story of the tortoise & the hare--Jimmy O`Flaherty flew past us on that fateful Oct 31st 2006--we have been slowly & methodically moving up behind him--it is only a matter of time before he feels our sharp teeth planted firmly on his butt cheeks & we won`t let go till he is driven out of town.

I just hope we survive the bite--I hear that toxic waste can be harmful to your health.

Dr Mike.