Friday, April 18, 2008

Vancouver Income Trust Breakfast with Liberal Finance Critic John McCallum

What: Income Trust Breakfast with Finance Critic John McCallum and Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray.
A discussion on betrayal of public trust by the government and possible solutions moving forward.

Join a small group of Vancouver business leaders to hear Mr. McCallum speak about the Liberal approach to fiscal and economic issues facing Canada today. Learn about the Liberal plan for income trusts and John’s view of Canada’s fiscal priorities during these uncertain economic times. There will be plenty of questions and discussion, to draw on John’s unique expertise in government, the banking industry, and academia.

When: Tuesday, April 22, 8:00 to 9:30 am

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
Private dining room at Heron’s
900 Canada Place Way.

***Please confirm your attendance by email including your name, address and phone number to:

Robert Kraljii
Special Assistant to Joyce Murray,
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra

office: 604 664 9223
mobile: 604 318 8419


Robert Gibbs said...

***Breaking News***

CON Jobbers Create New 10 Per centers...

Authored By Deceivin' Stephen Harper

Hey, I may be a LYING, DECEIVING, FASCIST Dictator.

I may not "ply by the rules".

I may take every opportunity to try to create the impression of a widespread "foil hat" conspiracy against my CONservative brethren.

But, hey, at least my CONservative government is the only one that SUCKS and BLOWS at the same time!


Do you agree?

Yes ___
No ___

Robert Gibbs said...

I would encourage all income trust investors to make a donation to the Liberal Party Of Canada.

Remember, a $100.00 donation only costs $25.00 after the federal political contribution tax credit.