Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fast Eddy attempts to rewrite history.

Not so fast Ed Fast, Conservative MP, as you and your operatives attempt to finagle your re-election through revisionist history.

Obviously Fast Eddy has become aware from the Quadra byelection just how sensitive the voting community is to the Harper government’s income trust betrayal decision.

The Conservative candidate in the Quadra byelection cited the income trust betrayal as the one thing that the Harper government did that was likely to harm her chance for victory. The Conservative candidate went on to lose the byelection to the Liberals by a crucial 150 votes.

That admission took place less than three weeks ago. And now we have someone who goes by the alias of Faste0 attempting to rewrite history by removing the section on Conservative MP Ed Fast’s Wikipedia entry on his support of the income trust taxation.

Is this all coincidental, given that Ed Fast is the MO for Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley, or is there a growing awareness amongst the Conservative MPs of the groundswell of betrayal and anger amongst voters who were blatantly lied to in the last election. by Fast Eddy and the other Harper henchmen?

Ed Fast will be happy to learn that the section on his Wikipedia entry has been reinstated and once again reads:

Income Trust Legislation

Ed Fast continues to support the new proposed rules for income trusts introduced by the Conservatives October 31, 2006. [1] The immediate result of the change in tax policy was a loss to Canadian investors of $35 Billion, the largest ever loss attributed to a change in government policy. [2] According to the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors some 2.5 million Canadian investors were effected by the change in Income Trust Policy. [3]

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Dr Mike said...

hey Ed ,

If you can`t stand the heat ..........

When you can`t stand the truth , your idea is to remove it.

It is funny how the truth does eventually catch up with you.

What you feel in your posterior area Ed , are the many million tiny "bitey" teeth of the million plus income trust investors come for their pound of flesh.

Those "gnawing" sounds are what you will hear just prior to you receiving your one-way ticket out of Ottawa .

Be sure & make room for Pirate Jim on the same bus.

Dr Mike.