Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forget about Barbara George, here’s the RCMP's real contempt of Parliament

December 23, 2005 (middle of 2005-2006 federal election)

Dear Ms. Wasylycia-Leis

Further to your letter of November 28, 2005, in which you express your concerns regarding a possible breach of security or illegal transfer of information in advance of the federal government’s announcement of changes to the taxation of Canadian corporate dividends and Income Trusts November 23, 2005.

We would like to advise you that a review of this matter has been completed. Based on the information obtained during the review, the RCMP will be commencing a criminal investigation.


G. Zaccardelli
Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Robert Gibbs said...

Someone should taser Zaccardelli.


Unrelated Note:

Flatulent Flaherty's at it again, trashing Ontario.

What a S**t-head.

No fool like an old tory said...

Ya, ya, ya the RCMP have been bad boys and girls for doing and hiding some pension diddles.

But that pales in comparison to the lies and deceptions of the Finance Minister and his hired Grovenor. Harper, Flaherty, and their hired hench-women conslutants, Mulroney, etc. are the most contemptible.

Dr Mike said...

The price is about to be paid in Ontario for Flaherty`s ill-advised attack on the Liberal gov`t & the citizens of this province.

The new Nanos poll shows the Liberal surge has reached just over 50% while the Cons remain stagnant & going no-where.

Our buddy Unhappy Jack Layton has seen a spiraling nosedive to oblivion.

Goodbye Jim!!

Goodbye Jack!!

Could not have happened to a better duo.

Dr Mike.

PS--Elizabeth May will see that the RCMP will be held accountable for their sins.