Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A most revealing visitor to CAITI blog

Obviously someone in the Department of Finance is concerned with the prospect that Jim Flaherty may become politically associated with his devious and underhanded moves to double tax RRSPs.

This is a gold mine for the opposition parties to exploit, which they have not. Flaherty’s idea of "leveling the playing field” is to double tax RRSPs, while giving pension plans like Teachers’ a special break.

I say this because the CAITI blog had a visitor today (3:13 pm) from “Finance Canada and Treasury Board’ who was directed to our blog by way of a Google search, after entering the key words "Flaherty double taxing RRSPs".

It’s about time that people wake up to the reality that Flaherty has begun double taxing RRSPs. What do you think the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is all about? It’s a rear guard attempt to substitute a less attractive vehicle (TFSA) in exchange for a more attractive saving vehicle (RRSP).

The article that this visitor was directed to on our blog were two fold:

(1) The origin of species: RRSPs

(2) The Self Benevolent Tax Policies of Jim Flaherty



Dr Mike said...

It`s good to see these guys actually visiting our web site.

Maybe they will learn something.

I would imagine that a lot of these facts are news to them.

I wonder if they got permission from the big guy??

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these bozos in Finance are just trying to get ready for the "debate".

You know, the proud words of some lame nameless CON MP who claimed in this week's Hill Times that:

"I’m sure Flaherty would love to go a couple of rounds with these CAITI guys in a debate situation.”