Friday, April 18, 2008

Jack Layton thinks the Liberal Party is the source of tax leakage?

Jack Layton is unable to connect the dots or get the facts straight.

In his comment below he connects tax leakage with the Liberal Party, instead of connecting bad tax policy with the absence of transparency on alleged tax leakage. Jack Layton is the problem, not the solution.

Hon. Jack Layton (Toronto—Danforth, NDP)

Mr. Speaker, Liberal Party activities resulted in several RCMP investigations into the sponsorship scandal and tax leakage from income trusts. During their campaign, the Conservatives called for greater transparency and criticized Liberal scheming. They were right to do so. However, when the Prime Minister says that he will keep his hands perfectly clean, then proceeds not to do so, we have a problem. As it happens, there is a problem: RCMP officers are at Conservative headquarters.

Why did Elections Canada have to ask—


Dr Mike said...

Does this ever frost me---if he does not even know the basic facts then how did he even vote on this issue.

My Cons MP Joe Preston (Elgin-middlesex-London) did the same thing--I had several discussions with him & his level of knowledge was atrocious & he admitted that his grasp of the subject was minimal--he told me he voted as the minister told him to vote because his time constraints did not allow him to look into the subject & study it to an extent.

As we now know , the Ministers of Finance of the provinces & territories were like wise poorly informed.

Disgusting---& to think we pay these clowns to shaft us.

Jack Layton , get a life---maybe some facts too for a change.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

incompetence and lack of knowledge at its best...

sorry Jack

Anonymous said...

A pure political opportunist, this Jackass Layton

Anonymous said...

When this A**hole comes out swinging indiscriminately everybody better DUCK

Robert Gibbs said...

Mr. Speaker, Jack Layton is a complete idiot!!!

Mr. Speaker, Jack Layton's mouth moves before his tiny little brain even begins to function.

Mr. Speaker, while we see knuckle-draggers and Pavlovian dogs vote for Conservatives, we see nut jobs and loons vote for Dippers.

In closing Mr. Speaker, Jack Layton is as much of a buffoon as is Jim Flaherty.

Robert Gibbs said...

Jack and Jim spoke the hymn to fool the people of tax leakage.

Jack fell down and broke his moronic crown.

And Jim came tumbling after.