Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gerald Keddy: That "no good bastard" handing out Conservative logo cheques

I guess if you live in the fantasy world of self-importance occupied by CON MP Gerald Keddy, you are denigrated as being a ”no good bastard” if you are unwilling to work on his Christmas tree farm cutting down trees for seasonal employment at minimum wage.

Meanwhile this self righteous Gerald Keddy, is engaged in far more meaningful "work", as you may recall that he is same "no good bastard", who was gleefully handing out Canadian taxpayers' money, on the pretense that is actually money coming from the Conservative Party of Canada?

Speaking of work, this guy's a real piece of work himself. Surely there is someone better suited for his job than him? Perhaps ”Leona Helmsley?”

Tory MP derides jobless as 'no-good bastards'
MPs' comments on unemployed, abortion show party's 'meanness,' opposition critics say

Toronto Star
November 25, 2009

OTTAWA–Comments by Conservative MPs deriding homeless people and describing abortion as a procedure that makes women more available to men demonstrate the party's true colours, opposition critics say.

Nova Scotia Conservative MP Gerald Keddy has apologized for describing unemployed Nova Scotians as "those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can't get work."

There has been no such apology from Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott for his unflattering depiction of women seeking abortions, which also applauded Saskatoon doctors for restricting access to abortion services.

"Pro-life feminists have ... come to see abortion as part of a male agenda to have women more sexually available," said the controversial MP in an anti-abortion news release sent out Nov. 20.

Vellacott just this week had to apologize for a flyer wrongly accusing Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer of supporting the long-gun registry.

Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison said Keddy's remarks reflect the kind of mean-spirited attitude that Canadians have come to expect from the Conservative government.

"This is from a Conservative party under Stephen Harper that has referred to Atlantic Canadians as being defeatist," he told reporters.

"This Conservative party has a deep vein of meanness to it. It's a party that kicks people when they are down," he said.

Winnipeg Liberal MP Anita Neville said Vellacott has proven time and again that he has a "very right-wing, somewhat Neanderthal agenda."

"It's an insult to women in this country," Neville said. "It gives me great fear should they ever have a majority government," she told reporters.


Anonymous said...


That's about the same amount this "no good bastard" had 'stolen' from my retirement nest egg after the Halloween betrayal of '06 !!! Looks like they're handing it over to some 'Church' (?) Must be trying to CON their way into heaven...LOL!


Dr Mike said...


In the conservative election platform of 2006 one of their promises was:-
"To enact legislation to ensure that full, just and timely compensation will be paid to all persons who are deprived of personal or private property as a result of any federal government initiative, policy, process, regulation, or legislation.”

Millions of Canadian investors that have lost Billion of dollars due to Harpers Income Trust Debacle would love to hear the cheque is in the mail.

I am still waiting for mine.

Dr Mike Popovich

crf said...

What's to know about Keddy?

He, every so often, has to heel his way to Ottawa, sit in his place, and stand up when his master tells him. Sometimes he even speaks on command. He was so good at these things that his master once gave him the job of herding the sheep! And his master trusts him a lot, enough to go off on his own for a while ... but not too far.

He's an alpha in the caucus too. Who wouldn't be impressed with him owning a property with thousands of bathrooms? I bet even Peter McKay goes to him for advice with the ladies.