Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One set of accounting rules for Flaherty, another for Canada's 380,000 civil servants

Re: According to the Auditor General, Flaherty is cooking the books.

Comment: “Geez, even I had to take a 3 day course on accrual accounting when they changed; and I notice they're still offering it through the government intranet training site. tsk, tsk. You'd think every Finance Minister would have to take it before he's allowed to play with the economy.”

Comment: “I think Flaherty understands ACCRUAL accounting just fine. The tax on income trusts is about AS-CRUEL a tax on Canadians as you can find.”


Anonymous said...

Brent, there is a supposition in the land that we benefit from responsible representative government. We know the latter supposition is false: an urban Ontario vote is worth a fraction of a rural east coast vote. I suspect the first supposition is flawed as well: responsible to whom? 18 pages of redacted documents and falsifying tax receipts makes me believe that the government is not acting in a manner that is responsible to the domestic taxpayer.

In another country in another time behaviour like this resulted in a tea party. We should be as polite.


CAITI said...


Your analogy to a tea party of the past, has crossed my mind a few times as well.

Just imagine if their tea was being taxed at 31.5%, or even worse, their retirement income taxes at 31.%?

Meanwhile those who are installed to keep a check on government, i.e. the AG, have gone AWOL.


Anonymous said...

Question for Flaherty:

What’s accounting for, if it’s not followed consistently?

Dr Mike said...

Say , maybe the tea party is not a bad idea.

We could call it "Geezers for Democracy".

Instead of throwing tea into the harbor , we could toss in Flaherty & Carney.

Of course , we would be fined for endangering wildlife with a noxious substance.

Might be worth the risk.

Dr Mike