Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The thin skinned Dean Del Mastro (am I allowed to say that?)

The only thing worse than the juvenile behaviour of these two MPs involved in this matter (Del Mastro and Michelle Simson) are the media, like Jane Taber of the Globe., who actually think this is relevant news and something deserving of Canadians’ attention.

As for Dean Del Mastro feeling maligned by these comments of the Liberal MP Michelle Simson, I myself have been the target of Dean Del Mastro's false statements in Parliament, when he falsely accused myself and the association that I head, of donating $282,000 to the Liberal Party in the previous three year period.

This was an absurd claim as well as being false, as our association had only existed at that time for three months, not three years and had made ZERO contribution to any party, But then Dean was just parroting what it was the the lame brains from the NDP (Judy Wasylycia-Lies, pictured above) were falsely accusing us of.

Funny? I didn't hear any apology from the self selective and sanctimonious Del Mastro....or any coverage by the news media about that act of malicious and false slander?

Brent Fullard
Canadians Association of Income Trust Investors/Taxpayers


Anonymous said...

Brent: I think I heard it from Kinsella that this guy once had his own restaurant called get this, "THE FAT ITIALIAN"!


CAITI said...


Wouldn’t surprise me! Hypocrisy was probably served as the main course.


CAITI said...

And you expect something else from a used car salesman?


Anonymous said...

Geez, of all the things that Jane Taber can say, why that?!!


CAITI said...


Ever since Jane Taber went to a daily versus weekly commentary, in a failed attempt to compete with Kady O’Malley (now with the CBC) she had proven that her thin gruel for journalism can be watered down even further to the point if meaningless absurdity. But then, Jane Taber works for the Globe, home of many a (what’s the opposite of fine?) journalist.


Anonymous said...

Del Mastro's brain is fatter than his gut !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"I myself have been the target of Dean Del Mastro's false statements in Parliament",

False statements are AOK for DelMaestro, it is the TRUTH that hurts him


Dr Mike said...

And to think , these are the kind of idiots running the country.

If these are the brightest & the best , we are sunk.

Dr Mike