Friday, November 20, 2009

In search of the real "dupes" in Ottawa

So Peter MacKay considers Diplomat Richard Colvin to be a dupe and his testimony “not credible”


What does MacKay have to say about his cabinet colleague Jim Flaherty?

Is Flaherty not a "dupe" for having fallen for Manulfe's intense lobbying efforts to kill income trusts, in order to facilitate the sale of more of Manulife's synthetic investment junk food (ie. Income Plus), only to have that junk food blow up in Manulife's face when they failed to hedge the risks associated with that product, causing the near collapse of one of Canada’s largest financial institutions?

How much of a "dupe" would Mackay consider Flaherty to be when Flaherty prevented BCE from converting to a trust only to make it the target of a leveraged buyout that would turn Canada's largest telecom company into a junk bond basket case and see Ottawa with $793 million LESS per year in annual tax revenue versus BCE as an income trust?

How much of a "dupe" does Mackay consider Flaherty to be in light of the wholesale foreign takeover of devalued trusts by foreigners that has caused over $1 billion a year in tax losses in order to solve an alleged tax leakage problem of less than half that amount?

How “credible” was it for Stephen Harper to have campaigned far and wide during the 2006 election promising to "never tax income trusts" and turn around and do the exact opposite thing?

How “credible” is it for Harper to have argued that circumstances have changed and that income trusts cause tax leakage, when that premise is completely false as proven by the likes of BMO, RBC, PwC, Deloitte and HLB Decison Economics? Who has greater credibility? Harper, the economist in training wheels or BMO and RBC Capital Markets?

What does MacKay have to say about Flaherty's tax leakage claims that were supported by 18 pages of blacked out documents? How "credible" is that as a form of proof? How "credible" was it for Flaherty to have demanded these documents issued under the Access to Information Act to be returned?

How “credible” is it for Flaherty to even be Canada's Minister of Finance, or is this a job reserved for dupes?

Failure to identify the real dupes, like Flaherty and Harper, only makes dupes of us all. Courtesy of the Canadian press and extremely weak and conflicted opposition parties, virtually every Canadians has been made a dupe of, by Flaherty and Harper on their income trust fraud, based on the patent falsehood known as tax leakage.

Ask not who the real dupes are, for they are us. Thanks politicians and media for selling Canadians short, when it comes to revealing the truth on something as easilu determinable as alleged tax leakage.


Anonymous said...

It certainly may be postulated that
the shoring up of lost revenues from income trustsis likely the reason for the big push
on the HST.

There are similarities.

One is that Jack Mintz is once again
providing faulty supporting research. And TD's Don Drummond is giving his assent.

Another is that Harper and Flaherty are the initiators.

It brings to mind the adage that
one mistake leads to another and another!

The Cons are relying on an unsuspecting public to buy into their nonsense, once again.


Anonymous said...

I recall Dominic's testimony at the income trust hearings was something to the effect the income trust model was unsuitable because it would force them to go the market if they needed more capital!


CAITI said...

Yeah, testimony to the effect that access to capital is important and that income trusts get in the way of Manulife raising money or some such theory.

Perhaps that testimony was a Freudian slip, knowing that Manurelife was a potentially a house of cards?

Dr Mike said...

Flaherty is a dupe alright, spelled "DOPE".

You do not recall 18 blacked-out pages unless they are the smoking gun that had the potential to prove your "dope-iness".

Only a dope would lose all of that revenue needlessly.

Only a dope would harm that many people under the guise of necessity.

Only a dope had the potential to be the foil of Mark Carney & the rest of corporate Canada.

If there was an award for "Dope of the year in 2006" , it was Jim ,hands down.

Dr Mike

St. Catharines, Ontario said...

Suppressed Medical Records (File 5100-13465/001)

St. Catharines, Ontario

- Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Sect. 25,26,28)

- C.M.H.A / C.A.M.H. - Brock University

Further details Google: