Monday, November 23, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Re: “Harper-Layton Income Trust Tax: Time to ditch it ” (The Hill Times, Nov. 16th).

I hope Canadians will take seriously this column by Brent Fullard in The Hill Times.

It is a shame that our government has made a decision that negatively affects so many people in this country regarding their investments (many for their retirement purposes) without telling us why they did it.

Isn’t government elected to serve the needs of the people? Why do approximately 2.5 million Canadians have to be punished for investing in their country?

When I served in the Canadian Army I was willing to give my life for my country. Is this is how we get rewarded—by taking away our right to a decent return on our investments?

Canadian investors took a big hit in their incomes with those transactions. I would like to know how such a move will benefit Canada. If there are tax benefits for Canada, would someone please explain them in layman’s terms so that the average Canadian taxpayer can understand them.

I would very much like to have a government in power that I can honour and respect for doing what is right.

Robert Bertuzzi
Castlegar, B.

The kids were out trick or treating. The adults kept a watchful eye. In some areas the wind blew, in others, the snow flew. It was just another typical Halloween for many Canadians. Unfortunately, those left behind in the wake of the 2006 income trust massacre have never been able to celebrate.

These are the small investors who lost a major part of their savings after relying on the promise of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to preserve these investments at all costs.

It was bad enough to be the victim of such a cruel move, but to be forgotten in the shuffle like yesterday’s news and abandoned by the Prime Minister in whom
we had placed our trust, has left us financially terrorized and has left us very discouraged with our democratic system.

Michael Popovich
Rodney, Ont.

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Dr Mike said...

The sad thing about these letters is that there was a need to write them in the first place.

The government failed us by lying to us , by making a promise it never intended to keep.

The opposition parties failed us in one case by accepting the gov`t message without a second cogent thought , & in the other case by not pushing the false premise behind the Flaherty action.

Either way , the little guy has lost again.

Of course , when there is a loser , there must be a winner & that is big corporate Canada.

Nothing new here.

Dr Mike Popovich