Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bloc Québécois bloc transparency, thereby supporting veiled voters

Let’s be clear, the Bloc Québécois, in true xenophobic, vote-pandering fashion, are adamantly opposed to some 50 women wearing burkas to vote, and yet are doing their utmost to ensure that all Canadians are veiled from knowing the truth about the Conservative’s Income Trust Scandal in the next election.

Doesn’t sound like an very effective opposition party to me. More like complicit lap dogs. The Bloc Québécois have sunk to the lows of the NDP and the fiscal competence of Judy Wasylycia-Leis.

From now on the BQ should be referred to as the BT, as this party clearly has no interest in providing Canadians or Quebeckers with transparency. The Bloc Transparency party. The BT prefer to keep voters in the complete dark about matters of fiscal importance, such as the reasons why $65 billion in takeovers have occurred that are directly linked to the income trust tax policy. Evidently the BT party could care a less about whether one of Quebec’s most iconic businesses, BCE, falls into the hands of private equity, led by none other than ONTARIO Teachers’, rendering BCE a crippled junk bond sub prime mortgage-equivalent borrower.

The BT party has made itself an essential partner in the Conservative’s fraudulent income trust policy. The BT are now officially complicit in the cover up of the trust tax's fraudulent underpinnings, known as alleged tax leakage.

Yesterday the Bloc had an opportunity to demonstrate to voters what their core values are. To show whether they believe in transparency and accountability. To show whether they are effective as an opposition party in hiding the Stephen Harper government to account. Not held to account on the most recent handout to Quebec, but held to account on the underpinnings of what makes government’s work over the short and long term, namely transparency.

The BT party failed to support the following Liberal motion before the Finance Committee. Even though the BQ are adamantly opposed to voter’s wearing burkas in the polling booth, the BT support the notion that all voters be veiled from knowing the truth about income trusts and the false premise that income trusts cause tax leakage, when in fact the income trust policy cause tax leakage.

“That this committee as soon as possible launch an inquiry into the unproven allegation by the Finance Minister that income trusts result in a loss of tax revenue to Ottawa, in light of reports that 70% of all recent trust purchasers are tax-exempt, while individual Canadian investors lost tens of billions of dollars, and therefore pay less tax, as a result of the government trust decision."

Who needs the Bloc when we have other party’s that are more interested in upholding the foundations of a democracy, such as transparency. The Green Party would make a much more effective opposition party in Parliament than the Bloc Transparency party under Gilles Duceit. Gilles Duceit thinks it's okay to support a policy that is hollowing out Quebec and costing Canadians the loss of $1.4 billion in annual taxes. That’s a lot less in discretionary tax dollars that Canadians will have available to fund ongoing transfer payments to la belle province, or shall I say the former la Bell province.

The term Gilles Duceit derives from the fact that we were assured by senior Bloc MPs that the Bloc would support this Liberal motion before the Finance Committee. The term Bloc Transparency on the other hand is self evident and their actions yesterday as traitors to democracy.


Dr Mike said...

It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Bloc has sold out Canadians again!!!!

This was their chance to right the wrong perpetrated by the Harper Conservatives & supported by the opposition parties in Oct 2006.

Complicity in government can be criminal if it leads to harm to the people & all of the analysis of this situation, points in that very direction.

If this gov`t & it`s supporters had the proof of tax leakage , they can surely present it--what is the big deal here!!!!

Prove us wrong & we will hit the road not to bother anyone about this issue again.

If they are not wrong , correct this situation & make it right--several easy fixes exist which would cause very few politicians to be harmed in the process.

Going into public service is just that--to serve the public--in this case , how does a lack of transparency serve anyone other than a few with ulterior self-centered motives.

Please make note, that fighters like Garth Turner have done a great job against an uncaring gov`t & it`s minions , the Bloc & the NDP.

It has now come to a point where this gov`t has left us no other choice than for us to fight for it`s removal.

I am ready anytime----bring it on!!!!


Anonymous said...

Brent is there any reason the Finance Committee is so dysfunctional?

Just look at the backgrounds of these people and 3 of them can only deal in
2 farmers, 1 grasscutter, 1 political hack, 1 rookie engineer, 1 no
experience, 4 can't figure out how to make a website work, 1 lawyer, 1

What a frickin' joke. And these bozos are covering up a larceny that
impacts millions of Canadians.

I am just sickened by this.


Xenos said...

It's time to crank up the not so old ATIPPA (Access to Info) engine.

It's weird that even opposition politicians have bot into the nonsense--escpecially QC, which would have had a majority of BCE income trust unitholders. Under the OTPP plan, the provincial government will get not even a couple of cups of coffee with Mulroney. All the BCE income will be shipped to retired teachers in ON or to American investors. QC loses a crown jewel of corporate Quebec--and for what?

And why did the QC Fin Min sign a false letter to Flaherty on Jan 26 2007?

If we want to get to the truth, we need to FOIP and ATIPPA like cracy, and then turn the findings over to some lawyers.

Jean-Marie said...

"Brent is there any reason the Finance Committee is so dysfunctional?"

A bunch of incompetents not ready to look for the truth and only the truth.
They play small politics and don't even understand what they are doing.
More, this committee is just for the show. Powerless and useless. They issue reports that Harper and gang don't even read. The Liberals and the Bloc asked for some changes and no one cared.
That's the kind of politicians we have.
The truth is not important for these people. Facts are just an annoyance. Interests of small investors and ordinary Canadians don't matter.

Being elected is the only priority.

We can't afford Harper and at same time, we deserve what we have.
In some countries, corruption is the way of doing business. In Canada, we have it...
A sad day is always to be followed by another.

I feel depressed and hopeless today. Betrayed by the Cons and Bloc.

Jean-Marie said...

Me : We can't afford Harper and at same time, we deserve what we have.
In some countries, corruption is the way of doing business. In Canada, we have it...
A sad day is always to be followed by another.

What I really mean about corruption is that in Canada,
we have it LEGALYSED.

Transcanada said...

As youve pointed out Brent the Bloc are entirely shortsighted in their thinking. Taxing Trusts has REDUCED tax revenues that are available for Bloc vote-buying projects.

Obviously the the Bloc are comfortable where they are sitting in the polls and think they can squeeze more $$$ out of a Conservative party who will willingly buy Bloc silence with a few more dollars from a shrinking tax base.

What the Bloc and the CONs do not realize is the depth of anger moves like this incites. It drives affected voters to other parties very easily.

Keep up the good fight Brent. This ain't over yet!

Robert Gibbs said...

Such true words and insights have been enunciated here:

"...sold out Canadians again..."
"...the truth is not important..."
"...facts are just an annoyance..."
"...being elected is the only priority..."
"...willingly buy Bloc silence..."

How typical of a bunch of traitors who only care about creating their own dominion, serving their own interests and continually squeezing every last drop of coin from the rest of the federation in the meantime.

But also to be pointed out is the predictable and deplorable dismissal by the CONS' Marble-Head Menzies and his other sordid CON cohorts:

“My constituents do not want us to go back and replow this ground. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to go back and tell them that this was what we were doing. We don’t want to go to an issue that only two people in the House of Commons seem to be concerned with, and both of them are sitting on this committee.”

What a load of backwater ballyhoo!

Firstly, Menzies did no such thing as to actually "consult" with his own constituents. Heir Harper wouldn't allow it.

Secondly, it was not only his own constituents who were affected by the CONS' TREACHEROUS and TREASONOUS income trust policy. More than two million people country-wide were affected. Or does the duffer not realize that he's supposed to be part of a Federal government, concerned about all Canadians.

Thirdly, what he should actually be embarrassed and shameful about is his party's reneging on a firm election promise and his dime store dismissal of a widespread government taxation policy that has caused $35 billion of unconscionable damage to ordinary, average Canadian investors, seniors and retirees, while putting their financial futures in jeopardy.

Finally, a lot more than two people in the House Of Commons are concerned with this issue. Just ask the more than two million people you lied to and royally shagged.

In other words:


These jesters should be whacked!

Robert Gibbs said...

By the way, what surreptitious back-room deal did the Bloc receive from corrupt CONS and what happened to the NDP member who was supposed to be on the committee?

Not that it would have made any difference, I suppose.

Throw them all out of office!!! said...

What do we expect from a group that wants to pull the country apart? Have you ever tried to explain this so called "party" to someone from outside Canada? It's a joke .. and we actually PAY them!!!

turth in trusts said...

Send an email to our illustious finance committee.

Merrifield.R@parl.gc.ca Con farmer and member of school board
Crete.P@parl.gc.ca BQ no web site French only
Pacetti.M@parl.gc.ca Lib web site needs a user name and password to access
DelMastro.D@parl.gc.ca Con no comments on business experience B. Comm
Dykstra.R@parl.gc.ca Con Political Hack city council, director of caucus BA Poli Sci
12 years pres of Dykstra Landscaping
McCallum.J@parl.gc.ca Lib web site under construction
McKay.J@parl.gc.ca Lib lawyer
Menzies.T@parl.gc.ca Con farmer for 30 years
Mulcair.T@parl.gc.ca NDP no web site French only contact
St-Cyr.T@parl.gc.ca BQ Engineer for 5 years at Motorola French only
Turner.G@parl.gc.ca Lib businessman
Wallace.M@parl.gc.ca Con web site does not work