Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open Letter to Jim Abbott and the Voters of Columbia/Kootenay

Jim Abbott, as it now stands you are untrustworthy, not credible, deceitful and
corrupt. You do not represent the people of Columbia/Kootenay, you represent

Explain to the Union Workers, the Rotary Club, Seniors, and young savers and investors how some Trusts that could be owned by all and taxes paid, are now in your pension fund where no taxes are paid and we can no longer own these companies?

We, the voters were promised the CONS would not interfere with the Trust structure to get our vote, tamper with the Trust structure causing $35 Billion of voters' savings to evaporate, and then your pension fund snaps them up at discount prices where they pay no taxes and are no longer available publicly. Stripped out of our union pension funds and mutual funds.

There is no tax leakage or was there ever any. You can't prove it. When asked to prove it you produce a document with 18 pages blacked out.

In fact Jim Abbott your lies and deceit and manipulation have cost every taxpayer in Canada @ $344.00 so far, and a $7 Billion tax loss so far.

You Jim Abbott are beneath contempt.

If you were not protected by political immunity you would be on trial. You may be on trial yet. We, along with millions of other Canadians will not vote CON in the next election or ever again.

It is obvious you have 3 choices.

1) Run as a CON, be defeated, walk the streets of Cranbrook knowing you've screwed everyone you meet. You will be remembered forever. "The Greatest Betrayal by a Government on the Citizens in Canadian History"

2) Don't run. Walk the streets of Cranbrook knowing you've screwed everyone you meet. You will be remembered forever. "The Greatest Betrayal by a Government on the Citizens in Canadian History"

3) Run as an Independent. Distance yourself from the CONS manipulation, lies, deceit and betrayal. Prove to the People of Columbia/Kootenay and Canada you are a man of honesty, integrity, ethics and dignity.

Life is a series of choices Jim Abbott, choose wisely.

Silence and avoidance are no longer choices you have.

As you do not reply to letters, phone calls or emails we ask you to announce a press release when you plan a Town hall meeting and tell Canada what you plan to do. The National Media will attend.

Names withheld-we fear reprisal.

Yes Jim Abbott, we fear you.



Dr Mike said...

Got to love this one!!

This expresses about everything we would all like to tell our Conservative MPs if we could ever get ahold of them--it is a shame when we are not even allowed any voice with our own representatives in our own constituencies.

Or maybe it is just me!!!!


Mary the golfer. said...

Maybe because I am a woman , I might tend to give some of these MPs the benefit of the doubt. There may be some of them who do feel bad about what they have done to us.

The problem is that if they do not understand the nature of the problem they have caused then why would thy feel bad at all . If they won`t listen to any reason ( or listen period) , then there is not much hope for them.

I would hope that most MPs go into this vocation with the idea in mind that they will do what is right with each piece of legislation. The trouble is that most rely on what their ministers tell them to be the truth. In the case of income trusts , this obviously was a mistake.

If they won`t even talk to us , how will they know any different.


Tootrusting said...

Great letter and to the point.

The letter would be more effective if some one would sign it with a name.

Fear is one of their tactics.

We have no need to hide, we have the truth on our side, thats why they won't reply to our questions.

nineofiveland said...

While I agree that most MPs don't have a financial background .. I would hope that every one of them would know that payments from a RIF are taxed at full rates .. rendering the whole argument for "tax leakage" false.

We send them to Ottawa to do a bit of thinking and to legislate for the good of the broader nation .. shame on them!