Thursday, January 31, 2008

Harper Conservatives: Glossary of Terms

“The notion and the implication that somehow the government on this file is responding to initiatives that originated with corporations is not based on reality”: Self-exonerating closing statement at the Finance Committee Hearings on Income Trusts by Eddie Haskel, Chairman and CEO of Mea Culpa Financial whose motto is “our bottom line dictates your reality”

Eddie Haskell:
Shmarmy duplicitous friend of Beaver Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver

Community Outreach Program: Ethnic, religious and racial profiling of voters

I have a fiduciary obligations to Canadians that today's social programs not be funded with tomorrows tax dollars (from RRSPs): But that doesn't stop me from using those very same taxes from yesterday's RRSP contributions that are withdrawn today which provided over $8 billion of tax revenues for fiscal 2007.

Different types of business can’t be taxed differently: Exceptions being, REITs law firms, accounting firms, and any different kind of business that is taxed differently, provided it is owned by a government sponsored pension plan. E.g. Thunder Energy Trust by the Public Sector Pension plan, or Legacy Hotel Income Trust by Caisse de depot etc.

Capital Insertion Rules: Growth restrictions and a secondary measure to kill income trusts (not applicable however if trust in question is opportunistically acquired by foreigners or pension plans)

Leveling the playing field:
Taking the stronger team (income trusts) off the field to coddle the status quo and higher cost of capital corporations

Helping Corporations make choices: Taking choices away from investors

Independent Panel: People who are beholding to us, and whose purpose is to validate and promote our hidden agenda to absolve the government of liability and pacify others, all the while subverting the role of elected parliamentarians

Eminent Canadians: See independent panel above

Burka policy:
xenophobia induced social intolerance

Transparency: 18 pages of blacked out documents, temporarily made available under the Access to Information Act (overnight lending section)

Accountability: Recall by Finance Department of blacked out documents when it is realized that alleged tax leakage isn’t about the numbers, its about the methodology

Mark Carney: Goldman Sachs Private Client Division (see accountability and transparency above for direct examples of his handiwork)

John Manley:
Part time Liberal, full time/full fledged member of US Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations
: De facto US State Department/Defence Department/US Treasury Department

Panel on Hollowing Out:
Working on a comprehensive how to manual of how to hollow out Canada through additional government initiatives like the income trust tax, which amounts to tax subsidies to foreigners to acquire business undervalued by the government's tax measures.

Insurance Litigator: Ambulance chaser

After dropping out of first year undergraduate studies at U of T, Stephen Harper worked in the oil patch: Mail room clerk at Imperial Oil, (father’s employer)

Tax Fairness Plan: Scheme comprised of gross inequities based on fallacious concepts, also commonly referred to in the vernacular as the “Alms for Manulife Plan”

Stephane Dion is not a leader: Stephane Dion is not a liar

Fish or cut bait: I am presently up in the polls, but don't know how long I can maintain this charade of leadership and suppress my hidden agenda for, so I will act belligerantly in the belief it will help my cause.

CCCE: Corporate Canada's Controlling Elite

CARP: Canadian Advocacy for Rent and Profit. Used to great success by organizations like Manulife Financial and Power Corporations' Investment Planning Council and other seeking a portal

CRAP: Conservative Reform Alliance Party of Canada

Modesty: Narcissism in the form of Self-Portraitures plastered all over the PMO office (see for details)

Canadian Must Trust: Duck and cover

If you are aware of any other misuses of the English language by the Harper Conservatives whose sole intent is to disguise the sole intent of their government, please forward your examples or post them below in the comments section.

I am hoping that we can at least have a government that is accountable to the proper use of the English language. Any hope that the Harper government would be accountable to Canadians was abandoned when the media abandoned the public in the media's ongoing biased coverage of the income trust scandal, commencing November 1, 2006, with this account by BNN:

The sky is falling, because chicken little says it is

Which was then followed up by BNN’s grossly distorted coverage and editorialized of the Public Hearings on Income Trusts by the Finance Committee. Why else do you think BNN has a broadcast license, if not to mislead and misrepresent the goings on in Parlaimentary Committees. Maybe Brian Mulroney can get CBC to cut back to the studio every time that an opposition member asks a question or Karl Heinz Schreiber tesitifies. Perhaps L. Ian MacDonald can provide color commentary on Mulroney ethics the way Amanda Lang is the great defender of her beloved Mark Carmey’s Tax Fairness Plan (see above for definition).


Robert Gibbs said...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Harper's Hidden Agenda

Robert Gibbs said...

Thank you:
I don't want to hear anything further that will embarrass me or my government

Robert Gibbs said...

The fact is:
Only in my twisted mind

Dr Mike said...

"It`s not my fault" :

Get in the Meow Mix line you greedy old farts!!!!

Mary the Golfer said...

Get a life :

We just stole your old one from you!!

Dr Mike said...

Finance Committee :

a dysfunctional group of mostly non-financial persons where the minority always rules.

Any committee :

a dysfunctional group of persons where the Conservatives always rule.


Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver said...

Actually Eddie was Wally's friend .. my Da liked him but my Mom had him figured out .. just like you folks have that Steve Harper guy figured out.

Robert Gibbs said...

Deceivin' Stephen And His Medieval Monkeys

Noun (expression) (not a musical group):

The baron and members of a corrupt and depraved Canadian federal political party who take orders from a reprehensible and degenerate US republican political party, who reject reason and science, and who believe that:

1) the world is only 6,000 years old,
2) man and dinosaurs roamed the planet together,
3) the Earth is flat,
4) the Sun and all other celestial objects revolve around the Earth, and
5) the Earth is at the centre of the universe.