Sunday, January 27, 2008

Page Three of this week's Hill Times

This half page ad on page three of this week's Hill Times is intended as just a little something to remind Stephen Harper about when Parliament resumes on Monday. As if he doesn’t have enough self inflicted problems to deal with. But that’s the legacy of his constant lying: income trusts, isotope shortage, Sandra Buckler, Afghan detainees, Brian Mulroney etc. etc. I'm losing track....about as fast as he's losing any semblance of credibility.

The list grows longer with every session of Parliament. Speaking of every session of Parliament, the Finance Committee gets to deal with the following gem in the coming days. It’s about time we got some facts on the table about income trusts, rather than partisan dogma and whitewash:

December 11, 2007


Today I have sent this motion to the clerk of the Finance Committee:

"That this committee as soon as possible launch an inquiry into the unproven allegation by the Finance Minister that income trusts result in a loss of tax revenue to Ottawa, in light of reports that 70% of all recent trust purchasers are tax-exempt, while individual Canadian investors lost tens of billions of dollars, and therefore pay less tax, as a result of the government trust decision."


Hon. Garth Turner, PC, MP
Member of Parliament, Halton
House of Commons K1A 0A6 (613) 996-7046
86 Main Street, Milton (905) 693-0166
Daily blog,


Long Memory said...

Like the Harper Valdez .. Steve, Jimmy, John, Bev and Tony are going down .. in the next election!

sailortwo said...

I like the sense of the motion but I'm not sure about this wording: "individual Canadian investors lost tens of billions of dollars, and therefore pay less tax, as a result of the government trust decision."

IMHO, as a result of Mr. Flaherty's inane action, individual Canadians will pay more, not less, tax. Am i missing something here?

Robert Gibbs said...

To Garth Turner's motion, I add the following resolution to be dealt with by the House Ethics Committee:

"That this committee as soon as possible resolve to censure, remove from office and submit for prosecution by the appropriate authorities Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Mark Carney and other members of the Conservative Government for injustices and crimes against Canada, its citizens and its institutions, as evidenced by the following actions (amongst others):

1) Lying to Canadians (and especially seniors and retirees) about income trusts, thereby unnecessarily and unconscionably causing, amongst other effects, a $35 billion loss to their savings and putting in jeopardy their financial futures.
2)Aiding and abetting the takeover of sovereign Canadian businesses by wealthy private, foreign or undemocratic state-owned wealth funds at the expense of ordinary, average Canadians and other Canadian companies.
3)Lying to Canadians (and especially those in the Atlantic and Saskatchewan provinces) about the Atlantic Accord and the retention of natural resource revenues.
4)Lying to Canadian aboriginals with respect to the Kelowna Accord.
5)Lying to Canadians and Parliament about Afghan detainees, thereby putting in jeopardy the country and Canadian soldiers with respect to international obligations against torture.
6)Allowing Canadians abroad to be subject to the death penalty, contrary to domestic policy and Canadian values.
7)Attempting to eliminate equal rights for all citizens (such as for aboriginals, women, gays and lesbians), contrary to Canadian values.
8)Attempting to subvert domestic and international agreements on climate change.
9)Disrupting and interfering with Canadian Parliamentary committees and witnesses in an attempt to contaminate, conceal or obscure evidence and testimony.
10)Committing elections financing fraud, as evidenced by the irregularities reported by Elections Canada."

Robert Gibbs said...


I agree. The inclusion/placement of the phrase "...and therefore pay less tax..." is strange, if not confusing.

Perhaps this is just semantics, but a more appropriate re-write seems due.

Jean-Marie said...

Way to go Brent.

We are very lucky that YOU are on our side. Fighting you is a task I can't take.

Thank you very much for you devoted and constant work.
We sincerely owe you a lot.

Dr Mike said...

Whatever the wording of the motion , I will be happy to get some input from the gov`t side on this thing.

Hopefully , they will be forced to do something.

I do not however , know what the procedure is from this point forward--how is a decision made as to wether or not this motion will lead to an inquiry.

Are there ways this gov`t can block this motion??


Mary the Golfer said...

Even if the government is shown to be as incompetent as we know they are , will the media get itself involved?? Without media exposure , not much will be gained.

Unless the people out there get to see the results of an inquiry , it will be just more frustration for us.

I guess when a person thinks about it , all these small foibles by this government do add up over time & should be the basis for election debate.

Mary P.

Anonymous said...

The Finance Committee consists of 13 MPs:

5 Conservatives (including the Chairman)
4 Liberals
2 Bloc

Since the Chairman doesn't vote, then it will take six votes to overrule the Conservatives.

Therefore the Bloc are key.

The NDP would be ill advised to stand in the way of this initiative, since their representative, Thomas Mulcair, has already pursued an answer to this question at the Mark Carney hearings, and hot no answers. Keep in mind, Thomas Mulcair is no Judy Wasylycia-Leis, and would be foolish to perpetuate her legacy on this file.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Typo in above post on Finance Committee:

13 members should read 12 members

Brent Fullard

Robert Gibbs said...

Given Harper's and his fellow CON cronies' contempt for Parliament and other committees and their recommendations, I won't hold my breath for any substantive results, apart from perhaps some additional media exposure.

Anonymous said...

sailor2, you under- and over-state.

The fool will collect less tax, and all Canadians will share in the burden. Not just all tax-paying Canadians, but all Canadians. The young and old, students and those in need of care will share by receiving less; but not only those. All will pay in some way.

Except income trust investors. They will have less investment income, and pay less tax. Except some of them will join the line of those in need.

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments is amusing. It never ceases to amaze me as to how petty and small minded the Liberals and their sheep have become.

Dion is a complete nerd and a bigger embarrassment than Chretien. I do hope the Dion wins so he can sink us thoroughly. Perhaps then voters will wake up.

Go ahead Dion - be prime minister, I dare you. Ask Bob Rae how it felt to go from leader of the complainers to leader of the people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"It never ceases to amaze me as to how petty and small minded"

followed by:

"I dare you."

What more could I possibly add?

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

anonymous said...
Reading these comments is amusing. It never ceases to amaze me as to how petty and small minded the Liberals and their sheep have become.

Anonymous go baaaaaaaaaack to where you came from.

We may be sheep but our shepherd is not a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!