Saturday, January 26, 2008

Like Stephen Harper, evidently seniors' group CARP is in the business of misleading seniors:

Stephen Harper is famous for having mislead seniors when he promised he would never raid seniors’ nest eggs by taxing income trusts. As bad as that broken promise was, he took his deceit to an even higher level by falsely invoking seniors in the Ways and Means motion by saying the goal of taxing income trusts was:

“strengthening Canada’s social security system for pensioners and seniors”

What a load of Stephen Harper Income Trust tax, that fraudulent claim surely is. A snake oil salesman exercise in false invocation of the vulnerable members of society.

Just like the following claim that CARP made in their February 2008 magazine ad that appears above which states:

“7. CARP has been vigilant in key financial areas like successfully fighting to preserve income trust tax status”

Well you could have fooled me. First the battle to preserve the status of income trusts for average Canadians on a par with that of pension funds and partners in law firms is far from over as no tangible progress has been made to right this inequity.

Furthermore any pending victory will not be something that CARP can claim any role in whatsoever. CARP is more concerned with preserving two of its major advertisers, Manulife Financial and Power Corporation owned Investment Planning Council than it is interested or serious about advocating on behalf of seniors for, since doing so conflicts with the interests of its advertisers.

By the way: What exactly is a CARP certified Investment Planning Council Representative? Does the OSC know about such an arrangement?

Don’t take my word for it concerning the utter lameness of CARP, here’s what Grover had to say on another blog site:

“Perhaps CARP really means that they successfully supported Flaherty in keeping the new tax thus helping him rob the very people that CARP should have been standing up for.

Sadly, I joined CARP once and quickly found out just how useless and spineless an organization it really is when it comes to things that actually matter such as fighting the unfair taxation regime imposed by Flaherty and Harper.

I let my membership lapse because I could no longer stomach their lack of action when it came to looking out for the financial well being of our aging investors.

Perhaps their initials should really stand for Conservatives Against Retired People.”


Dr Mike said...

It is common knowledge that CARP is regularly consulted by Flaherty on financial & tax matters that will affect seniors--supposedly , they are Flaherty`s link to us "old" guys out there.

He routinely bounces ideas off of people like Bill Gleberzon who is the Associate Executive Director of CARP--he is also the director of gov`t relations--so , it is he that Flaherty will consult with directly.

I have talked to Mr Gleberzon a few times over the last 3 months & he assures me that they have done all that they can to preserve income trusts.

The question is , they have done all they can , but for who??

Methinks that it is no coincidence that 2 of their main sponsors are Manulife & Power Corporation , 2 of the main beneficiaries of the TFP.

How can CARP bite the hand that feeds them????


PS--MR Flaherty is 58--I wonder if he is a member of CARP--if he is , that would be another reason not to join.

Anonymous said...

The quote from my old friend Grover illustrates his usual keen insight. CARP is always ready to talk up its support for seniors' issues, but when it comes time for any real heavy lifting they are always AWOL. The way that they suck up to this government is revolting.

I had let my membership lapse, but renewed it when they made their first (albeit weak) statements against the trust tax back in late 2006. Sadly that was it and they soon started kissing Flaherty's and Harper's posteriors. What a mealy-mouthed organization this is.


Doug said...

I absolutely refuse to renew my membership also as CRAP (Bill Gleberzon will not go to bat for us Income Trust Investors.
I got my final notice yesterday to re-new but its in the garbage.

A former Conservative

Transcanada said...

CARP by their own description is an Internet Media Company:

Fifty-Plus.Net International Inc. is principally engaged in the operation of Internet media properties through its wholly owned subsidiary, Fifty-Plus.Net Inc.

Any role they have as an advocate for seniors is most likely secondary to their primary goal of meeting their advertisers needs and receiving ad revenue.

So look at who advertises on the CARP website and you will know who they really serve.