Friday, January 25, 2008

In actual practice, Stephen Harper’s much vaunted “accountability”, is simply a vacuous jingle

Today we learn in the Globe and Mail, that Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn claims that ”There’s no need to independently review firing of nuclear watchdog”. How very convenient. How very unaccountable.

This level of utter non accountability is so reminiscent of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s statement of “It’s not my fault” when confronted with the reality that his income trust tax had induced over $65 billion in takeovers, the vast majority by foreigners, with the result that $1.4 billion in annual taxes were now being lost.

Which leads to the obvious question: If it’s not the Finance Minister’s responsibility to be held to account for the causal outcomes of his actions, then whose responsibility is it? Is he suggesting that it is the fault of the people who elected him to Parliament? Or perhaps it is the fault of the person who placed him in a position of Cabinet authority for which he is so utterly lacking in competence to properly execute?

Accountability with the Harper government is a facile and vacuous jingle that, in practice, simply means “go pound sand”.

Although it needs to be acknowledged that Harper's unaccountable regime does have another nifty moniker for your consideration: Canada’s New “It’s Not My Fault” Government


Truth In trusts said...

Another unqualified lawyer like Flaherty.
Let's examine Mr. Lunn's impressive qualifications, as listed on his web site, to be making these decisions:

"his early working days were spent in the mining and forestry industries"
"taught first aid for St. John's Ambulance and CPR for the Canadian Heart Foundation"
"was a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol"
"a certified journeyman carpenter"
"a member of the British Columbia Law Society"

Wow, this guy is a business tycoon, a veritable natural resources wunderkind with unlimited management experience. Is this the best that this country can do? I think not.

Robert Gibbs said...

Perhaps Stevie, Jimmy, Prentice, Lunn, et al should look up the definition of treason, since their actions provide a perfect example of this word's meaning:

Treason (n):
-A betrayal of trust
-Disloyalty or treachery to one's country
-The crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of one's country

Robert Gibbs said...

Social, financial, economic, personal and psychological injustice.

Treachery and treason.

Unaccountability and untrustworthiness.

Deceit and dishonesty.

Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Mark Carney, Brian Pallister, Jim Prentice, Gary Lunn et al:

These are thy names!

Robert Gibbs said...

Here's another jingle:

IT For Income Trusts

Remember, Remember
The 1st Of November
The Conservative's Income Trust Treason And Plot

I Know Of No Reason
Why The Income Trust Treason
Should Ever Be Forgot

Dr Mike said...

We should make Gary Lunn move his seat in parliament next to the Chalk River reactor since he believes Linda Keen is an incompetent lay-about whose only calling in life was to harass the Conservative gov`t.

What a "lame-head" & we all know that his lame-headed orders to fire Ms Keen came from the head lame-head , located in the PMO.

Gary , if you see a blinding light as you sit next to Chalk River , it may already be too late.