Friday, January 25, 2008

Brian.....what are you afraid of revealing to Canadians this time around?

Today we are to understand that Brian Mulroney thinks the House of Commons Ethics probe is 'Unfair'

Brian Mulroney is going to have to learn to stop acting like the wounded puppy and start showing more contrition for his acts. A good place to start would be by being a little more co-operative and less indignant.

Personally I am most interested in whether Brian Mulroney lobbied Stephen Harper on behalf of Archer Daniels Midland to abolish the Canadian Wheat Board. Second I want to know whether he remitted GST on the $300,000 in cash he surreptitiously received from Karlheinz Schreiber. After all, it was Right Honourable Brian who implemented that most unpopular (at the time) tax. How deliciously hypocritical that revelation would be, if true.

And third, I want to see the complete file from the Canada Revenue Agency concerning the late payment of Mulroney's federal and provincial taxes on the $300,000 in cash he failed to declare except at a much later date under CRA’s voluntary disclosure program.

Probe 'Unfair': Mulroney
Committee has exceeded mandate, letter says
Allison Hanes, National Post Published: Friday, January 25, 2008


Dr Mike said...

I almost had a tear well up in my eye when I read that Mr Mulroney had been treated unfairly by the Ethics Committee.

After I was able to control my fits of laughter , I have been trying to decide why he would think such a thought.

He thought some of the questions to him were a little tough ; he thought he was treated with very little respect.

I guess accepting bags of cash from a know arms lobbyist & trying to hide the fact might lead some people to jump to conclusions.

Hopefully , the questions before the Public inquiry will be easier.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you read Kady O'Mally's blog - Macleans and you realize why Mulroney doesn't want this to go's getting very interesting indeed.

Dr Mike said...

Norman Spector , Mulroney`s former Chief of Staff , will reveal all.

Cash delivered to Sussex Drive.

Yowser--can`t wait.


Robert Gibbs said...

Ode To Lyin' Brian

Envelopes stuffed with thousand dollar bills
Secret meetings, hotel rooms, that's such a thrill

Safety deposit boxes, no bank accounts
By the way, what were those amounts

No receipts, invoices or retained records to show
No declaration in tax returns until you're exposed

Poor Lyin' Brian, my heart aches for ye
Your troubles, these people treat with such glee

Yeah, you have been treated poorly and low
How could anyone possibly deride you so

Anonymous said...

Bombs away!
Kady O'Malley | January 25, 2008 | 15:20:22 | Permalink

Welcome to Spec(tor)ulation City, Canadian Press/CTV!

OTTAWA -- A troubling new allegation about large amounts of cash arriving at 24 Sussex Drive when Brian Mulroney was prime minister will be aired at the Commons ethics committee.

The committee is set to reconvene next week when the Commons returns from a six-week break.

MPs are looking into the decade-long relationship between the former Tory prime minister and arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber.

Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Mulroney in the early 1990s, says he'll be bringing documentary evidence to the committee.

Spector, writing in Le Devoir newspaper, says he'll "help identify the source of large quantities of money carried to 24 Sussex while Mr. Mulroney was prime minister of Canada.''

A spokesman for Mulroney says the allegations are old news and that Spector has an axe to grind, for reasons the former prime minister does not understand.

Thanks to the fabulous and ever-vigilant Philippe, we were the first ones off the plane - after Le Devoir, of course. But we saved you a seat. Let's see how long it takes the rest of the English media to pick up on this latest, possibly greatest promise of the Sideshow of the Century, coming this spring to a committee room near you.

Other early adopters:

Joël-Denis Bellavance: Du comptant au 24, promenade Sussex Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney wasn't just taking cash in hotel rooms in Montreal in 1993 and in New York in 1994. It was also happening at 24 Sussex, the prime minister's official residence in Ottawa, while Mulroney was still in power.
So says Mulroney's former chief of staff, Norman Spector, who dropped the bombshell in the last paragraph of a column in Le Devoir. And Spector intends to reveal everything he knows about it when he testifies before the House ethics committee in 10 days. He's promising to bring documents to corroborate his claims.
Who was behind the payments? Just how much cash was handed over to Mulroney at 24 Sussex? In what year? How often did the payments take place? All these questions remained unanswered last night
Michel Vastel: Mulroney sera-t-il compromis à ce point?
There's no doubt Norman Spector will be a important witness for the House ethics committee, which gets back to work next week. But just how far will Spector go? And, unlike Schreiber, will he have proof of everything he says?
Either it's the scoop of the century. Or it's a political bombshell Norman is about to drop on Parliament. Watch out...
In effect, Spector is saying he hopes to help MPs on the Ethics Committee identify the source of "great quantities of cash" that were brought to 24 Sussex Drive when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister of Canada.

Wow. Like, wow. Why is this a bomb, as La Presse puts it? Because, until this morning, no one had ever been told that cash was ever delivered to the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada. Secretive meetings in hotel rooms, sure - but cash deliveries to 24 Sussex? That's news, baby.

Robert Gibbs said...

And let's not forget, Mulroney has been involved with and advising Stephen Harper's current Conservative government, many members of which were around during Mulroney's time as Prime Minister. Stephen Harper even considers Mulroney a close personal friend, advisor and confidant.