Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Monte Solberg Jim Flaherty good cop bad cop routine

Monte Solberg promises he wants to help the homeless. ... Flaherty wants to jail them.

Monte Solberg promised he’d never tax income trusts. ... Flaherty promptly taxed them

Good cop ... Bad cop

Looking forward to the day we can say:

Good bye ... Good riddance


Anonymous said...

The dangerous duo of Solberg and Flaherty. Bad news for the nation and perhaps dangerous for Steve as well.

Monte has always been the friendly face of the vicious CON machine. He plays the role of Ribbentrop to Harper's Hitler. He is an excellent communicator. He can put a positive spin on the most dastardly Harper plot. The media love him as one of their own and eagerly swallow every glib lie he presents. Now that he is in government Harper has muzzled him. He might become too popular.

Flaherty is never able to hide his nasty streak and his rage. It is what defines him. The tiny Irishman is consumed by his lust for power. If I could conjure just one warm feeling for Harper I would warn him to watch his back. I can't. Harper deserves the knives that Flaherty is honing to perforate his boss's back.

Given the opportunity, Flaherty would engineer a vicious coup to grab the top spot. Glib Solberg would use his talents to finesse it. Both are worlds away from Harper and ready to replace him when the nation and the party tire of his gloomy presence.

Can it happen too soon?

Dr Mike said...

The only thing worse than having Stephen Harper as our PM would be to have Jim Flaherty take over his job.

We would be going from Gloomy & controlling to Hostile & controlling.

Not only was Jim a poor Finance Minister when he held that position in Ontario but he was known for his legendary temper--John Tory called him "parking lot Jim" because of his penchant for asking other MPPs to step out into the parking lot when they did not agree with him.

Just the kind of guy we would all want as Prime Minister--things are bad enough now .