Saturday, November 8, 2008

CBC’s double standard

Why did the CBC impose a news embargo on the kidnapping of CBC reporter Mellissa Fung’s kidnapping on October 12, 2008 (during the middle of the Canadian election) and not this kidnapping event (below) that occurred in Afghanistan during the period of that very news embargo?

Perhaps political fallout during an election was the real reason, and not concerns about the kidnappee being proffered by the CBC and Stephen Harper?

French aid worker abducted in Kabul

Last Updated: Monday, November 3, 2008
CBC News

An Afghan bystander was killed on Monday when he tried to intervene as gunmen abducted a French aid worker on a residential street in Kabul.

One aid worker managed to escape after three assailants in a red Toyota blocked the road in front of the small van containing two French citizens, said neighbourhood police Cmdr. Mohammad Daud Amin.

A local resident who attempted to prevent the abduction was killed in the attack, Amin told the Associated Press.

Mohammad Shafi, who witnessed the attack, said the man who intervened lived in a house across from where the kidnapping occurred.

"He grabbed the machine gun of one of the kidnappers, who opened fire, burning his hand. After that the kidnapper shot him three times in the chest," Shafi said.

Some authorities have also reported the man who died was an employee of the country's intelligence agency.

Etienne Gille, president of French aid group AFRANE, said the man who escaped is a member of his staff.

"The car was blocked by another car that was driving the wrong way" from which "an armed man emerged," Gille said.

Gille declined to provide the abducted aid worker's organization but said he was in 30s, a French national and had been in the country for about a week. He added he believed it was the man's first time in Afghanistan.

The man's family has been informed, Gille said.

The French Foreign Ministry confirmed Monday a French aid worker had been kidnapped and that a crisis centre had been set up and was in contact with Afghan authorities.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said Taliban militants were not involved in the kidnapping.

Abduction of foreigners on the rise

Kidnappings by criminal groups in Afghanistan have spiked over the last year because lucrative ransoms are paid to free hostages.

Wealthy Afghans are typically targeted in the kidnappings, which are rarely reported in the media.

But there has been a rise in abductions and targeted shootings of foreigners in the Kabul area over recent weeks.

It has been less than 10 days since a Briton and South African were shot dead and just two weeks since British woman aid worker was also killed in the city.

The Taliban does kidnap Westerners and Afghans, but those abductions typically take place in rural provinces.

Gille said his group will be considering how to best respond to the kidnapping, which he said is the first apparently deliberate security incident.

"We are obliged to think about the situation of the current volunteers," he said. "We will maintain some kind of presence in Afghanistan but obviously we are forced to think about the current parameters of our presence."
With files from the Associated Press and Reuters


Dr Mike said...

CBC----the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation?????

Maybe --- maybe not????


Dr Mike Popovich.

Dr Mike said...

PS---report the news , don`t censor it.

Dr Mike.

AtlanticJim said...

What exactly is it that you are sniffing doc?

The CBC would not recognise a right wing thought if it was standing in front of them holding a neon sign.

Try a more resonable conspiracy, like GWB engineered 9/11/

Dr Mike said...


Great West Beef.

Alright--their food always tasted like it was involved in a disaster.

Dr Mike.

PS--A Jim---it is all in the paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Michèle Ouimet* :

Negotiate with the enemy?
La Presse
November 9, 2008

All the big media in English Canada, without exception, knew about the kidnapping from the beginning. All, chose to remain silent.
Would they have shown the same solidarity with a humanitarian worker of some obscure NGO? Several news organizations published the name of the Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia on August 23. Why? Because she was a freelance journalist and did not have the CBC machine to protect her? She is still being held hostage and no one is upset.
Mellissa Fung was kidnapped on October 12, that is to say two days before the Canadian election. During the election campaign, Stephen Harper was able to avoid the Afghanistan issue.
And if news of Ms. Fung’s kidnapping of had fallen like a bomb in the home stretch of the campaign? How would voters have reacted upon learning that the government negotiates with the Taliban or with criminals?
Would this story have influenced their vote? Perhaps. But that was for Canadians, not the media—who, with CBC in the lead, embargoed the story--to decide.
The journalists are the first to raise the public’s right to know, but they become super-sensitive when one of their own is threatened.
Canada is at war, its soldiers are dying. A war that costs billions of dollars. However, with the silence and complicity of the media the Harper government negotiated with the enemy to save a life. With no public discussion.

*Michèle Ouimet, La Presse, Montreal,
2008 National Newspaper Award winner in the category of Investigations
for stories on Canada's mission in Afghanistan and what has happened to aid sent there.

Anonymous said...

Everything you need to know about Harper's involvement in suppressing this information from Canadians back on October 12, 2008 was avaailable from the first news accounts of this story. EG:

Blackout on Canadian reporter's kidnapping posed dilemma for media
The Canadian Press

November 8, 2008

"But both the CBC and the Prime Minister's Office asked Canadian news organizations to hold off reporting the story, saying any publicity would jeopardize chances of a safe and speedy resolution."

Brent Fullard