Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More lies from the Prime Misleader

Mellissa Fung: There was a prisoner exchange. [Opposed to news embargo].

Norman Spector, today at 3:50 PM EST
Globe and Mail

First of all, it was great to see Mellissa looking and sounding so healthy in her interview with the CBC's Anna-Maria Tremonti. And one had to admire her frankness in saying that, as a journalist, she would have wanted to report the kidnapping, but that she accepted the decision of the experts to maintain an embargo.

The interview also served to clear up the circumstances of her liberation (I'm paraphrasing): Afghan intelligence fingered the family [of kidnappers] and they arrested a whole bunch of them, and I now understand that there was an exchange of prisoners.

I guess you can say that Prime Minister Harper told Canadians the truth, but only technically, and only if you parse his statements very liberally. And it's now clear why the CBC's John Cruickshank - faced with a choice of playing the same word games or contradicting the Prime Minister - refused to comment on the negotiations that led to her release, other than to say that no money changed hands.

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Dr Mike said...

We have to "parse his statements very liberally"

WTF does that mean??---either he lied or he didn`t.

Most of his statements are the same -- he usually includes a small blip that allows for the parsing.

Not good when you cannot even trust your PM.

And we don`t need the Cons saying he did it to protect Ms Fung.

The soldiers & the prisoner exchange were there for just that reason.

Dr Mike Popovich